Halo Eye Makeup Look

Halo Eye Makeup Look

Hello beautiful people,

As I am new to this blog I would love to start off by introducing myself.

I am Janice, a 20-year-old who really really loves animals. My love for animals started since childhood. However, my love towards animals grew stronger when my family decided to bring home a dog. I immediately fell in love with her. Having a dog made me realise how dogs amongst all animals give nothing but love. Also how they depend on us to be their voices. Apart from animals I also love makeup and beauty products. The thought of having people test beauty products on such beautiful creatures for us to look and feel beautiful haunts me. This is why I only support brands that are cruelty-free.

Anyway enough about me… Let’s move on to the makeup look.

As we are currently in the beautiful season of Spring I thought it would be lovely to create the halo eye makeup look. A look using bright colours such as blue, purple and pink using cruelty-free products only.

To create this look I started off by priming my face using the Golden rose CC cream in the violet shade. This CC cream is good for neutralising dull yellow undertones, brightening my skin tone and hiding dullness.

★ I then applied some Golden Rose CC cream in the green shade. This CC cream good for covering spots and hiding redness.  Golden Rose CC cream ★ I then proceeded to use Catrice Cosmetics camouflage colour correcting concealer ‘Wake me up Effect’. I have blended it under my eyes to conceal any dark circles.

★ To blend my concealer perfectly into my skin I used Golden Rose Beauty blender set. This beauty blender set comes in three different sizes.

Tip* These blenders work better when damp as they soak less product and blend into a more natural look (It would now be the time to apply foundation if you apply any, I choose not to as I do not like to keep retouching it after a few hours)

★ To cover everything up I concealed my under eyes with the Wet’n’ Wild Photo focus concealer shade light Ivory and finished off by setting it with W7 Sheer Loose Powder. W7, Golden Rose, Catrice, Wet n Wild face products And at that point, your base is basically done… Next step is… Eyeshadow

★ For eyeshadow I used two different palettes: Makeup Revolution Flawless Resurrection & Pro Decandence clubbed to death palette by Freedom Makeup Makeup Revolution Flawless Resurrection & Pro Decandence clubbed to death palette by Freedom Makeup

  1. First, I have used the nude shade from the Pro Decandence palette as a transition shade ( All over my eyelid ).
  2. Then, I have divided my eyelid into three sections. The first and the last section were covered with the light blue colour from the Pro Decandence palette.
  3. I defined the eye by using the darker blue on my crease while blending in some purple. Both shades from the Pro Decandence Palette.
  4. For the middle section of the eyelid, I used the Magenta from the Pro Decandence Palette. I then defined it by using the shade ‘On’ from the Makeup Revolution Flawless Resurrection.
  5. Finally to make the middle section more interesting I used the shimmery shade ‘Reawaken’ from the Makeup Revolution palette.

Tip* For shimmery shades to appear more pigmented make sure to spray some setting spray onto your brush, it will make the shimmery shades and highlighters to pop out.

★ I brought it all together by adding Metal Art liner by Essence in the shade Coppy Right on both on my upper lash line and on my crease and joined them both into one wing. Halo Eye Makeup Look - Close up ★ This look would obviously not be complete without putting on your favourite blush, contour, highlight, eyebrow pomade/pencil, pop on some mascara. Then sealed the deal with a pink toned lipstick. I have used the NYX liquid lipstick in the shade Lace gloves to create this look.

★ Finally to make sure everything stays in place spray on some setting spray and you’re done. For this look, I used the Instant Matt make-up setting spray by Essence Cosmetics NYX liquid lipstick in the shade Lace gloves and Instant Matt make-up setting spray by Essence Cosmetics I really hope you enjoyed reading my first post as much as I have enjoyed writing it. If you try out this look make sure to tag me on Instagram @janiiiceee for a shoutout Thank you for reading, Janice Halo Eye Makeup Look

Janice is a Maltese Instagram blogger on @janiiiceee who loves both animals and makeup. These qualities encouraged me to ask Janice if she would like to contribute this blog. For now, she is a guest blogger. However, she would love to be a regular contributor to the CrueltyFreeMalta blog, time permitting. 


This post was written by a guest blogger. Please see their bio in the post.