Herman Vassallo’s Dynasty

Herman Vassallo Dynasty

Herman Vassallo‘s Dynasty was the fashion show I had been the most looking forward to before this year’s Mercedes Benz Malta Fashion Week had started. The reason was that if I hadn’t found other local animal-free fashion designers to write about, I could at least have one collection to write about.

Herman Vassallo’s Ethics

Herman Vassallo never uses animal-derived materials in his creations. He is too careful about what material to choose that whenever he is in doubt on whether there is animal-cruelty involved in the production of a material, he asks me for information. Herman also adopted a cute little piglet called Wolly, who I would really like to have the chance to meet one day. I have never met a piglet, have you?

Herman Vassallo’s Dynasty Collection

These are my favourite looks from Herman Vassallo’s Dynasty Collection:

Thank you to the Mercedez Benz Malta Fashion Week for the opportunity to write about these events. Also, thank you to Herman Vassallo for raising the awareness that fashion doesn’t have to be cruel to animals.

As you already know this is my third and probably the last attempt at writing about a cruelty-free fashion week. I will always appreciate your feedback. Did you find this post interesting? For next time, what else should I include or what should I exclude? I would love to know your thoughts.


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