Moira Delia at the MFWA 2018 urges us to “Go cruelty-free”

Moira Delia Cruelty-free

I wrote about the cruelty-free perspective of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. However, I wasn’t going to write anything about the Chamilia Malta Fashion Awards. What cruelty-free related posts I could write about this awards night? I couldn’t think of anything. If they had an award for Fashion Designers, maybe I could have written about the ethics of the winning designer. However, for the second consecutive year, Fashion Designers weren’t nominated in the Chamilia Malta Fashion Awards. So I had decided to attend this event with the intention of just enjoying a night out with my boyfriend. While at the event, thanks to Moira Delia, I managed to find also a cruelty-free side at the Chamilia Malta Fashion Awards.

Moira Delia started introducing herself. She mentioned that today her work changed a lot from that in 2005 when she presented the fashion awards. In 2005 she was a TV presenter while now she is an animal activist. Moira Delia spoke about her love for animals. She urged everyone at the Chamilia Malta Fashion awards to choose cruelty-free products and to choose animal-free fashion. She added that many International designers are proving that fashion doesn’t have to have animal-derived material. They are doing this by banning fur in their collections. Her last words before announcing the next show for the night were “Let’s all go cruelty-free!”

I hope that her words didn’t fall on deaf ears and that next year we will find more cruelty-free fashion designers at the Mercedes Benz Malta Fashion Week.

As usual, I would like to thank the people behind the Mercedes Benz Malta Fashion Week and Chamilia Malta Fashion Awards for giving me the opportunity and allowing me to share these fashion events with you. I hope I will manage to make it again next year.

I also would like to thank the photographers for allowing me to use their photos and the bloggers Natalya Vukovic, Sarah AquilinaLara AzzopardiCaroline Abela, Anthea Sammut who kept me company during the events.


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