My Daily Cruelty-free Makeup Face Products for Autumn 2018

Daily Cruelty-free Face Makeup Products

Around a month ago, I have shared with you vegan skincare products which I am using this season. Today I thought of sharing a list of my daily cruelty-free makeup face products for Autumn 2018. Unfortunately, I cannot share with you vegan ones as I tend to take longer to use up makeup than I do with skincare. So I am still finishing up the non-vegan cruelty-free makeup that I own.

However, if you are interested in products that are only cruelty-free. This list might be useful for you.

Primer – essence my base illuminating makeup base

If you follow me on my social media handles you might have noticed that I am soon finishing this product. I had essence my base illuminating makeup base before I started sharing the essence cosmetics vegan lists. So I won’t be able to say whether this product was vegan. However, it’s a discontinued product so I will soon replace it with a product that I am sure is vegan. Since it is an illuminating base, I tend to apply this product in areas where I apply highlighter.

Foundation – essence all about matt oil-free make-up (v)

I can confirm that this product is vegan as it is listed on my July 2016 essence vegan list. This is another face product which I am soon finishing and most probably it is discontinued. Since on its own it does not give the high coverage that I expect from a foundation, I will replace it with another vegan one.

Concealer – essence match 2 cover cream concealer (v)

Another vegan product found on my July 2016 list which I am using right now is the essence match 2 cover cream concealer. Combines with the essence all about matt oil-free make-up and the face powder which I will mention soon, it gives a good coverage.

Face powder – catrice all matt plus shine control powder (v)

I don’t have any expectations for a face powder yet. The reason I use a face powder is to set the creamy products which I have applied. So, right now I am fine with an affordable catrice or essence face powder as long as it is vegan.

Blush – catrice multi colour blush

Another very old product which is discontinued is the catrice multi colour blush, so I can’t say whether it is vegan. However, I am so looking forward to using it up so that I try out catrice’s recently launched vegan-friendly blush.

Highlighter – catrice deluxe glow highlighter

For every day I am applying this catrice deluxe glow highlighter. Sometimes I use it as a highlighting eyeshadow on my brow bone. However, for special occasions where I know that there will be photography involved, I switch to the Pupa Milano Contouring and Strobing Palette. I find that catrice deluxe glow highlighter is not as pigmented as the Pupa Milano palette.

At the beginning of my makeup days, I used to use only two makeup products for the face which were a foundation and powder. Nearly 15 years later, I am using around 6 products. What an evolution! From buying Rimmel products because it was the most affordable brand I could find that time, I switched to essence and catrice cause not only they are affordable but they are also cruelty-free and some of their products are also vegan. Since I use one lip product, my upcoming post will be listing eyes and lips cruelty-free products together.

How did your makeup journey evolve? What are your current cruelty-free makeup products?

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored or affiliate post. It might be considered a PR post as some of these products were given to me by the mentioned products. However, these products might be so old that it might not be a PR post.



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