Essence Cosmetics Offer These Vegan Friendly Make-up

Essence Vegan Make Up List

UPDATE: A new list of Essence Vegan Makeup is now available!

After the success of Catrice’s Vegan Friendly list published last year, I’ve decided to create a list of essence vegan makeup.

essence Vegan Eye Products

all eyes on me multi-effect mascara

the all eyes on me multi-effect mascara is a true all-rounder and fulfills all wishes. the special brush and unique texture provide your lashes with extra volume, additional length and a breathtaking curve as well as covering each individual lash with mascara and offering ideal separation. available in trendy soft black, it is the ultimate must-have of the season! opthalmologically tested.

get BIG! lashes triple black mascara

black, blacker, triple black! this is the deep black mascara in the popular get BIG! lashes family. the large, innovative fiber brush offers maximum volume and adds density to your lashes. its carbon black texture ensures an expressive look with a triple black effect! opthalmologically tested.

get BIG! lashes volume curl mascara

curly lashes! the large, curved fiber brush offers maximum volume, a gorgeous curl and thickens your lashes while the black texture ensures an intensive look. opthalmologically tested.

mono eyeshadow

the soft powder eyeshadows are easy to apply and blend for long-lasting results. the texture feels wonderfully pleasant on your lids and has a cool wave embossment. different colours and effects ranging from matt to shimmering to slightly metallic give you lots of choice and ensure the perfect eye make-up for every occasion.

  • Shades 01, 03, 04 08, 12, 18, 19

I love nude eyeshadow

so natural in love! nude is light, soft and available in different eyeshadow nuances ranging from subtle beige to rosé to soft brown. the baked texture of the eyeshadow range offers a silky to matt finish and an individual, natural look. the packaging matches the shape of the texture and shows the nude tones at their best.

  • Shades 01, 02, 03, 05, 06

smokey eyes set

smoking hot! the smokey eyes set consists of three colors with various effects each and offers a cool smokey eyes look in just a few simple steps. the soft, velvety texture is easy to apply and the small size is ideal for your purse when you’re on the go. includes a double-ended sponge applicator.

kajal pencil

crazy color! the essence kajal pencil creates fashionable color highlights on your eyes in cool and trendy colors to ensure a totally individual style.

  • Shades 25, 26

liquid ink eyeliner

this is the must-have eyeliner! the liquid ink eyeliner with the special fine tip applicator makes applying an accurate, black line as easy as child’s play for gorgeous eyes.

liquid ink eyeliner waterproof

this is the must-have eyeliner! the liquid ink eyeliner waterproof with the special fine tip applicator makes applying an accurate, black line as easy as child’s play for gorgeous eyes.

eyeliner pen

the eyeliner with original japanese ink ensures an absolutely accurate line. ideal for on-the-go. available in black.

super fine eyeliner pen

the all-rounder amongst eyeliners! the super fine eyeliner pen is riding on the trend-waves straight out of the usa and asia! this extremely long-lasting precision eyeliner has a particularly slim felt-tip applicator ideal for creating fine, subtle eyeliner looks as well as extravagant and dramatic styles.

2in1 eyeliner pen

one eyeliner, two styles: whether you want to achieve a fine line for an elegant, classic look or an extravagant broad line for a dramatic look – with the essence 2in1 eyeliner pen, both are as easy as abc. with a fine tip on one end and a broad, slanted tip on the other.

easy 2 use eyeliner pen

the name says it all: super accurate eyeliner styles are as easy as child’s play with the easy 2 use eyeliner pen. no matter whether subtle or expressive – thanks to the innovative brush tip, individual eyeliner looks are super easy, even for newbies!

eyebrow designer

get your eyebrows into tip-top shape! with a practical brush on the cap for smooth and even eyebrows.

  • Shades 01, 04, 05

lash and brow gel mascara

put a stop to unruly eyebrows! the lash & brow gel mascara pampers your eyebrows as well as your lashes to give them both a perfect shape. opthalmologically tested.

eyebrow stylist set

this complete kit is ideal for styling your eyebrows. it contains two eyebrow powders, an applicator and three templates for perfect shape in an instant!

make me brow eyebrow gel mascara

fill up… 3in1 – colour, density and shape! the tinted gel of the make me brow eyebrow gel mascara contains tiny fibers that fill in any unwanted gaps for beautifully defined and full eyebrows.

  • Shades 01, 02

beauty secrets fancy lashes

for the ultimate look – the packaging already turns these false lashes into real eye-catchers! your look is sure to turn heads as it’s quick and simple to apply the lashes – and they can be removed just as easily.

lashes to impress

impressive, sweeping lashes are guaranteed with the lashes to impress! the false lashes are applied to the outer edge of your lashes to emphasize and add density to your own lashes. includes lash glue.

precise eyeliner brush

perfection! an improved version of the original gel eyeliner brush. super accurate, this eyeliner brush is suitable for the application of gel eyeliners as well as creamy eyeshadow or expressive pigments. comes in a practical pouch with a side opening for easier removal of the brush.

eye blender brush

blend it! this eyeshadow brush conjures-up perfectly blended eye make-up styles. its extremely soft, long bristles are ideal for blending rather than applying eyeshadow.

eyeshadow applicators by Zeena

simply essential for perfect eye make-up application: the practical applicator bag contains five sponge eyeshadow applicators with handles. this way, your fingers stay nice and clean when you take them out of the bag so you can apply your eyeshadow accurately. once you’re done, you can slip the applicator straight back into one of the five storage sections. super practical when you’re on-the-go.

duo sharpener

tip top! the handy sharpener has two sides – for thin and jumbo pencils! this way, you can sharpen all your cosmetics pencils in a flash so that they are wonderfully pointy and ready for your next styling session!

eyeshadow brush

the expert for professional eye make-up: the eyeshadow brush has ultra-soft bristles so that you can apply just the right amount of powder eyeshadow. available in a practical pouch with a trendy and modern design.

essence Vegan Face Products

stay all day 16h long-lasting make-up

this long-lasting foundation ensures a smooth and silky complexion all day long. its delicate texture allows a simple and even application. thanks to the high-quality pump dispenser, it’s easy to find the perfect dosage for an indescribably beautiful look. dermatologically tested.

soft & natural make-up

the foundation gives you a perfect, smooth complexion and looks wonderfully natural. its silky formula spreads evenly to reliably cover any impurities or redness. for a pleasant feeling on your skin and a fantastic, fresh complexion! dermatologically tested.

soft touch mousse make-up

the make-up range with a super delicate mousse texture gives your face a smooth and natural-looking matt complexion while allowing your skin to breathe freely.

all about matt! oil-free make-up

matt and flawless! the all about matt! oil-free make-up gives your complexion a matt effect to make it smooth and silky-soft. the longlasting formula lasts up to 12 hours and the oil-free texture won’t block your pores. the foundation in the successful all about matt! range comes in a matching cool matt packaging.

  • Shades 05, 10


never to be seen again! the coverstick quickly and reliably covers up small spots, redness and impurities of the skin. now your world is back in order and nothing can stand in the way of your date!

stay natural concealer

the natural nuances of this concealer make this concealer so popular. its tried-and-tested texture contains vitamin a and is easy to apply accurately thanks to the soft brush. this way, skin imperfections and dark circles under your eyes are perfectly concealed.

  • Shades 01, 02

stay all day 16h long-lasting concealer

put an end to tired eyes! the long-lasting concealer with light-reflecting pigments is a true magician that makes dark circles under your eyes as well as redness and shadows disappear to give you a fresh, radiant look! thanks to the creamy, soft texture, it is easy to apply evenly – giving you a smooth complexion that lasts for up to 16 hours.

mosaic powder

the five colors of the mosaic powder conjure-up either a gorgeous rosy complexion or a sun-kissed tanned look with their different effects and textures.

all about matt! fixing compact powder

if you prefer pressed powder, this fine, compact powder is for you! it can be applied above foundation to mattify your skin and set your make-up. for a matt, natural and smooth complexion. it’s perfect when you’re out and about with your girls!

mattifying compact powder

the popular powder delights all girls who are dreaming of a matt complexion. its delicate, powdery texture spreads smoothly for a natural, matt complexion as if created by a professional make-up artist.

silky touch blush

silk skin: a fresh complexion is essential for perfect style! you can set gorgeous, natural-looking highlights in soft as well as brighter shades on your cheeks with this silky-soft blush.

  • Shades 10, 40

sun club matt bronzing powder

for a sun-kissed, natural complexion! the large bronzing powder conjures-up an irresistible natural-looking tan on your face and neckline and has a great mattifying effect at the same time!

sun club shimmer bronzing powder

keep up your summer tan! the shimmer bronzing powder from the essence sun club range provides your face and neckline with a shimmering, lightly tanned finish. its silky-smooth texture puts you in the mood for summer, sun and a complexion to match!

all about matt! oil control paper

this special mattifying paper absorbs excess sebum and frees your skin of shine so your complexion is perfectly matt and ready for compliments in a flash! the mattifying paper is pink and comes in a red and white packaging with a practical slide opening. the oil control paper is ready for action wherever you are!

blush brush

pink is beautiful! especially in the case of the blush brush by essence! its soft, slanted bristles are ideal for shading or modeling your face and cheeks. particularly the cheekbone area can be emphasized in a professional way with the blush brush. stored safely in its practical transparent pouch, the brush is ready for action at all times.

make-up & powder sponges

all-rounder… the make-up & powder sponges are super versatile: these professional multi-talents are suitable for the smooth application of liquid or cream foundation or powder. available in a re-sealable packaging.

powder brush

a pampering session for your skin: the velvety, soft bristles of the powder brush glide over your skin almost unnoticed. its slightly rounded shape allows an optimal application of loose or pressed powder and guarantees a flawless finish. slip it into its pouch when you’re travelling or out on the town!

kabuki brush

perfect application! whether you prefer loose or compact powder, the soft and supple kabuki brush made of fine synthetic fibers harmonizes with any powder and ensures a smooth application on your face, neckline and body.

essence Vegan Lip Products

XXXL shine lipgloss

timeless, trendy and beautiful! the wonderfully shiny lipglosses are available in bright as well as subtle shades. they give your lips a beautifully pampered look, amazing shine and fresh color. glossy and light on your lips – these lipglosses are simply irresistible!

  • Shade 01

longlasting lipstick nude

forever nude! the trend… also on your lips. the light and creamy texture feels wonderfully pleasant on your lips and offers long-lasting results. natural beauty – nude suits absolutely every girl!

  • Shades 03, 04, 05

longlasting lipstick

longlasting love… you simply have to fall in love with the longlasting lipsticks by essence. the lipsticks provide your lips with intensive color for several hours without drying them out. you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for – from bright pink to intensive red and chilled-out berry to subtle nude shades. the essence logo on the texture and the matt, black packaging with a ring of color to match the actual color of the lipstick are true eye-catchers!

  • Shades 02, 04, 06, 07, 13, 20

essence Vegan Nail Products

the gel nail polish base coat

the revolution in nails – easy like nail polish, amazing like gel! the innovative base coat and top coat formula improves the durability of the “gel nail polish” by 60 percent! the nails are given an extreme, long-lasting gel-shine finish without the need for an LED or UV lamp. simply apply the gel nail polish base coat and let it dry completely. then apply the gel nail polish in the colour of your choice and let this dry well, too. for a perfect finish, all you need now is a coat of the gel nail polish top coat – and you’re done! the nail style is easy to remove using conventional nail polish remover.

better than gel nails top sealer high gloss

the final step can also be done with the top sealer high gloss! the ultimate sealer for perfect nails with a gel-look. with a special studio-formula to seal the layers of nail polish and provide a high-shine gel finish.

the gel nail polish top coat

the revolution in nails – easy like nail polish, amazing like gel! the innovative base coat and top coat formula improves the durability of the “gel nail polish” by 60 percent! the nails are given an extreme, long-lasting gel-shine finish without the need for an LED or UV lamp. simply apply the gel nail polish base coat and let it dry completely. then apply the gel nail polish in the colour of your choice and let this dry well, too. for a perfect finish, all you need now is a coat of the gel nail polish top coat – and you’re done! the nail style is easy to remove using conventional nail polish remover.

studio nails all in ONE complete care

multitalented! the all in one complete care is a true all-rounder. as a base coat, it prepares your nails for a color manicure and fills small ridges. the special formula with grape seed oil can also be used as a top coat with a high-shine finish to guarantee long-lasting color.

studio nails ultra gloss nail shine

let it shine… the ultra gloss nail shine gives your nails an ultra glossy finish and enhances the durability of the nail polish applied underneath. a glossy top coat for every nail polish colour.

studio nails hardening nail base

every girl dreams of strong nails and a long-lasting manicure! here comes the secret weapon – for both! the hardening nail base is a glossy base coat that strengthens your nails. it offers protection from discolouration, evens out irregularities and also ensures perfect, long-lasting nail polish results.

gel look plumping top coat

gel-like… nails with a high-shine gel finish are still as popular as ever. the texture of this top coat visibly smoothens ridges, gives your nails an extreme shine and makes them more resistant. for a professional gel-effect!

quick dry top coat

this makes it really easy to fixate your favorite nail polish or styling creations – the clear top coat dries super fast and gives your nails an impressive shine. immediately seals nail polish.

the gel nail polish

long-lasting love! the next generation of essence nail polishes is here! the special nail polish formula provides nails with an incredibly long-lasting manicure and an amazing gel shine. the innovative colour technology offers intensive colour combined with perfect coverage.

  • Shades 01, 03, 04, 05, 07, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, 24, 31, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 40, 42, 46

nail art DUO stylist

the 2in1 must-have in terms of nail art: the DUO stylist! everything is possible with the two tips: the thin end makes it really easy to apply tiny rhinestones on your nails, stick on nail decorations or create french nail tips. with the larger, thicker tip, you can dot, dot, dot! various dotting-techniques are just waiting to be tried out!

nail art designer set

professional nail style? no problem with the right tools for smart nail art fashionistas! the nail art design set consists of a professional nail art brush and three nail art sponges. with its ultrafine tip, the brush is ideal for creative lines, stripes and dots. the professional nail art sponges, on the other hand, allow endless urban airbrush designs – in the comfort of your own home! creativity without limits – but with lots of fun!

nail art stampy set

create unique and extravagant nail styles with the nail art stampy sets. the sets contain a stencil with nine different images, a scraper and a stamp. simply select an image and stamp on your nail with nail polish. conjures-up fascinating accents.

nail art stampy designs

totally popular and absolutely essential! the stampy sets for unique nail designs are available with additional designs for even more variety and endless possibilities.

nail art stampy polish

this nail polish is the perfect partner for all stampy set creations. its special formula contains a particularly high concentration of pigments to ensure even more beautiful results. unlimited stampy fun and style guaranteed!

french manicure & pedicure pen

create your personal interpretation of the french look: the formula for long-lasting colour and the extremely fine tip enable an accurate application on the tips of your nails and ensure a wonderful and original french look. available in one colour.

french click & go nails

popular and totally sought-after: the click & go nails with a french manicure look. twelve self-adhesive artificial nails give your nails a professional french look as if you’ve just stepped out of a nail salon! simply select the desired size, stick onto your nail and press down hard. that’s it! now your nails are ready and look gorgeous – for up to three days!

french manicure brush

a real highlight for professional nail tips. the french manicure brush creates gorgeous nail tips with a french look – or in any other colour. the innovative shape of the brush is perfectly aligned with your nails to enable a particularly accurate and easy application. also ideal for moon manicures or the popular colour blocking look. tip: to absorb the correct amount of colour, don’t completely immerse the french manicure brush in the nail polish bottle – instead, use the tip of the brush to capture just the right amount.

nailwhite pencil

the essence nailwhite pencil makes nails look naturally white and beautiful! the nail tips are coloured-in from below with the moistened tip of the pencil. for all nail types.

tip painter

the fine applicator brush helps you apply white to your nail tips accurately for a perfect french manicure look. it is not necessary to apply the white tip painter more than once as it provides excellent coverage.

french manicure tip guides

practical little helpers for the perfect french manicure look. simply stick onto tips of your nails and cover with nail polish.

french manicure creative tip guides

tip top! now you can decorate your fingertips with heart and angel wing designs as well as a version for moon manicures. they are super-easy to apply and inspire lots of creative nail styles.

quick & easy sponge nail polish remover

the practical, acetone-free “dip-in” nail polish remover with an integrated black sponge removes nail polish easily without the need for a cotton pad. particularly cool: when removing polish from one nail, the other nails are not affected – this way, you can fix little mishaps in a flash!

studio nails nail polish corrector pen

have you messed up your nail polish? don’t worry, it’s ok! the corrector pencil allows you to correct little mistakes. it’s also super practical when you’re on vacation as it comes with three replacement tips.

nail care serum

super serum! the nail serum with moisturizing glycerin and vitamin e nourishes the nails and supports natural nail growth for beautiful, long nails. the soft, scented formula is easy to apply thanks to the flock applicator and is absorbed quickly without leaving behind an oily film. simply apply on the natural nail and let it absorb.

studio nails ultra strong nail hardener

super resistance – here we go! the ultra strong nail hardener strengthens and hardens brittle nails. the fast-drying nail polish is so full of power that there are a few things to take note of: it contains formaldehyde, so it’s important to massage some oil or fat into your cuticles. use for a maximum of three weeks. always apply for two days and then take a break for one day.

studio nails caring nail oil

nails like you’ve just returned from getting a manicure: the caring nail oil pampers your nails with rich ingredients and leaves behind a subtle apricot scent. gently massaging the nail oil into your nail bed also promotes nail growth.

studio nails nail cuticle remover pen

the pencil gently removes hangnails. simply apply, leave on for a few moments and then push cuticles back with the special lid. suitable for all nail types.

studio nails nail care pen

vitamin e and proteins activate nail growth as well as providing nourishing care for your nail bed and cuticles. apply to nails and cuticles and massage gently. suitable for all types of nails.

quick & easy sponge nail caring oil

nail care in a flash! the quick & easy sponge nail caring oil pampers nails and cuticles with almond oil and argan oil, and provides plenty of moisture without leaving behind an oily film. simply insert your fingers in the opening of the sponge one after the other, twist and you’re done! perfectly pampered nails in seconds!

studio nails sweet mini file

fruity files! the scented mini files shape and shorten your nails as well as ensuring a great mood with their cute colours! the nails files are also ideal when you’re out and about so you can fix torn nails and irregularities in a flash!

studio nails 2way profi file

soft, softer, 2way profi file! the two-tone nail file with two different granulations is ideal for soft and brittle nails and gets them back into shape in a flash. thanks to the fine surface, you can gently shorten and shape your natural nails. washable.

studio nails banana file

two sides, two colours, two granulations – this pink and black nail file is not just a visual highlight for pampered nails! thanks to its ergonomic design, it ensures a perfectly rounded nail shape. the two-step system with medium graining is ideal for gently shortening and shaping natural as well as artificial nails. durable, washable and absolutely essential!

studio nails professional 4in1 nail file

file like a true pro! your nails will look perfectly groomed in just four easy steps. the different granulations of the professional nail file help shorten, cleanse, smooth and polish your nails. ideal to take on holiday as you have four options in one file!

2in1 profi file

the 2in1 file is an ideal companion when you’re on-the-go thanks to its practical plastic case. the improved file structure will make your nails look better than ever before!

studio nails 6in1 buffer file

with six different granulations, the 6in1 buffer file always offers the right strength to shorten, shape, even out, cleanse, smooth and polish your nails. for freshly manicured nails with amazing shine in an instant!

studio nails rosewood sticks

basics for your nail care: the classic rosewood sticks. you can gently push back cuticles with the slanted edge of the rosewood stick. the pointed side is ideal for cleaning your nails.

studio nails fix it! nail glue

fix it! a knight in shining armor: fix it! nail glue. it glues and repairs all kinds of torn nails to save the day! also ideal for decorating your nails.

express dry drops

sometimes, every second counts – with the express dry drops, your nail polish will dry in just 60 seconds! thanks to the pipette, you can apply this product drop by drop. and the best thing is: your nails and cuticles are pampered with vitamin e and almond oil for extra shine at the same time!

express dry spray

speed-dry your nail polish: the express dry spray ensures that the artistic masterpieces on your nails dry faster than ever before. it accelerates the drying time of nail polish and glue and enhances your style with added shine. for an exciting look in record time!

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UPDATE: A new list of Essence Vegan Makeup is now available!

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