Hourglass vegan products list

Hourglass vegan products list

Although we have a lot of great cruelty-free brands imported to Malta, there is still the wish of certain brands to be available in Malta, one of them being Hourglass. Since it’s not available in Malta shops I have not yet had the opportunity to try Hourglass. However, some people use UK based websites to buy such a brand. For these readers, I thought of helping them move on to the next stage of a cruelty-free lifestyle, and offer them a vegan list of their favourite brand.

Hourglass vegan eye products

Hourglass vegan lip products

Hourglass vegan face products

Hourglass vegan brushes

These are all the vegan products I could find from Hourglass. As you can see it’s not a long list but it is not a short list either. I have never tried Hourglass before, are there any products from this list which you would recommend me to try?

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