Is TRESemmé cruelty-free in 2021?

TRESemmé is it cruelty-free?

It is starting to become a habit where on Mondays I examine the animal testing policies of brands. This week I chose to examine the animal testing policy of Unilever’s haircare brand TRESemmé. So let’s start.

Does TRESemmé test on animals?

  • “No animal testing is carried out in our own laboratories.”
    No, it does not, at least their laboratories do not. They do not give any information on whether their suppliers do, or whether they use results from animal tests performed by other Unilever brands. However, they state that TRESemmé does not on animals.

Is TRESemmé owned by a parent that is not cruelty-free?

TRESemmé is currently owned by Unilever. PETA currently lists Unilever as a company that is working toward regulatory changes to reduce the number of animals used for testing.

Is TRESemmé certified cruelty-free?

TRESemmé is certified cruelty-free by PETA.

Does TRESemmé sell cosmetics in China?

This is what TRESemmé answered on my Instagram comment where I asked them if they sell in China.

  • “Our parent company, @Unilever, has worked with the Chinese authorities to accelerate the acceptance of alternatives to animal testing since 2011. No testing has been required for Unilever’s cosmetics manufactured in China since 2014 and recent changes mean from 1 May, there’ll be no mandatory testing by government labs on most imported cosmetics, such as shampoo. We sincerely hope this helps!”
    The answer is too vague for me so I am interpreting that TRESemmé still sells in China. However, cruelty-free blogger CrueltyFreeKitty received the information that they don’t sell in Mainland China.

Is TRESemmé cruelty-free?

For a while, I had doubts whether some PETA brands are really cruelty-free. However, nowadays I fully trust PETA on this subject. So yes for me, since PETA confirmed it, TRESemmé is cruelty-free.

Is TRESemmé vegan?

This is what TRESemmé answered on my Instagram comment where I asked them if they have a vegan list.

  • “We don’t have a list of vegan offerings right now – our products may contain animal derived ingredients from normal sustainable animal husbandry or farming or fishery practices like milk, honey, lanolin, silk, etc. In most cases, this is because the ingredient performs a function for which there is no suitable alternative available.”
    It seems that TRESemmé is not vegan and TRESemmé does not offer any vegan products yet.

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Source: TRESemmé Animal Testing Policy as at 21/7/2019



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