Autumn/Winter 2019 Must-haves

Autumn/Winter 2019 must-haves

The sales have started here in Germany. So around two Saturdays ago, I tried to take advantage of the sale season by stocking up on some clothes. As usual with the sale items, you find the new season stock. While looking around for an ethical deal, I took note of the Autumn/Winter 2019 must-haves.

To my disappointment, I went back home empty-handed with regards to shopping. Every product that I liked had either polyester or wool. Since I am trying to live as much as possible vegan, I should not be supporting the wool business. On the other hand, I want to decrease my plastic consumption and microplastic in the ocean, so I am also staying away from synthetic materials such as polyester. So I bought nothing.

However, I took note of what the new collection consisted of.

Colour trend – Beige

Beige was one of the common colours I found in every shop I visited. There was a whole wall in one shop with garments in various shades of this brown colour. I think I will get myself a beige polo neck or coat when I find a cotton one.

Beige outfit - Autumn/Winter 2019 must-haves

Colour trend – Green

Another colour which I noticed a lot of is green, from olive green to dark green. I tend to buy green sometimes. I have to go and check what still fits from my green collection.

Green wide trousers - Autumn/Winter 2019 must-haves

Pattern trend – Plaid

The new collections are full of plaid. I have seen plaid long blazers, trousers, dresses, skirts. These last few months I have been searching for a blazer but the ones I have found were made of polyester so haven’t bought one yet. Maybe now I should start looking for one with plaid or maybe a plaid coat as a coat is something I am also searching for.

Plaid long blazer - Autumn/Winter 2019 must-haves

Print trend – Snake print

This is my least favourite trend for the next season. I know it’s not actual snakeskin is just printed. That’s not the reason why I don’t like it that much. It’s jut I don’t like the design of the pattern in general. Maybe after the next season, I will start to like it.

Snake print pleated skirt and blouse

Puff sleeves

These kinds of sleeves remind me of princesses from fairy tales. I am thinking of buying some blouses in puff sleeves.

Puff sleeved denim shirt - Autumn/Winter 2019 must-haves

Those are the trends that I noticed while I was supposed to be shopping for clothes. I think they are the must-haves for the upcoming season. However, I will take my time to buy them as I want to as much as possible find them in animal-free non-synthetic materials. Feels like an impossible mission, but I have to try.

What other fashion trends have you noticed for Autumn/Winter 2019?

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