Essence Vegan List AW 2019

Essence Vegan AW 2019

As two weeks ago I have published the Catrice Vegan List for Autumn/Winter 2019, I thought it would be about time to publish the Essence Vegan List for AW 2019. As you will notice, if I remove the limited edition products from the list, we would hand up with not many vegan products. So I thought of fill it up not to look much shorter next to its sister brand.

Essence vegan eye product list

  • Royal Party Golden Crowns 30 Color Eyeshadow Palette
  • Royal Party INT My little copper eyeshadow palette
  • Royal Party INT My little coral eyeshadow palette
  • x PAC-MAN eye mask
  • x PAC-MAN eyeshadow palette

Essence vegan lip product list

  • perfect shine lipstick
  • x PAC-MAN color changing lipbalm

Essence vegan face product list

  • contouring duo palette
  • crystal power blush & highlighter palette
  • pure nude highlighter palette
  • pure nude sunlighter palette
  • Royal Party Better Than Gold Baked Highlighter Palette
  • Royal Party Better Than Platinum Baked Highlighter Palette
  • Royal Party INT My little gold highlighter palette
  • Royal Party INT My little platinum highlighter palette
  • Royal Party Oh my contour! contouring palette
  • Royal Party You are gold! highlighter palette
  • stay natural+ concealer
  • sun club matt bronzing powder palette
  • the blush
  • the highlighter
  • x PAC-MAN baked highlighter
  • x PAC-MAN blush palette

Essence vegan nail product list

  • crystal power nail polish

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