Is Max Factor cruelty-free?

Is Max Factor cruelty-free?

During my school days, we were asked to bring a foundation and a face powder to use for a school play. At the time I did not know that there were other makeup products to use for the face apart from blusher. So I passed on the information to my mum, even she did not have a clue but she promised me to buy them for me next time she goes shopping. I remember the brand she bought. It was Max Factor. Yes, my first foundation and face powder was from a brand that supports animal testing. I was not cruelty-free back then and since Max Factor is popular, I thought she bought the good brand. Years later I discovered that it is a brand that I should avoid.

So after a little story about my first experience with this brand, let me start answering your questions about Max Factor. I did not find any animal testing policy on their website, so I won’t be taking a lot of your time today.

Does Max Factor test on animals?

I could not find any animal testing policy for Max Factor on their website. However, since they sell in the EU, I assume that they no longer do unless they separated their European company from the rest of Max Factor.

Is Max Factor cruelty-free?

No. Although I did not find their animal testing policy, I do have a trick on how to reply to this question. What I am doing in this case, I go to their official website. Then I switch country. If China is in the list of countries to switch to, then the brand is not cruelty-free. As you might know, China still hasn’t banned animal testing from post-market non-routine tests. They only banned it for the routine ones. So the risk of the products being tested on animals by the authorities is still high. Unfortunately, Max Factor has a China website. So no I don’t consider Max Factor to be cruelty-free.

That is all for today. As I said it is a short post today. If you have other brands which you have questions about, please leave a comment below.


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