Is Vichy cruelty-free?

Is Vichy cruelty-free?

There is no real order on how I decide which brand I evaluate. On rare occasions, I evaluate brands which I recently looked up myself or which you have asked me to check. However, today I chose a random brand which probably most of you have known its cruelty-free status for years. The brand is the L’Oréal-owned cosmetics brand Vichy.

Does Vichy test on animals?

  • Vichy does not test any of its products or any of its ingredients on animals, anywhere in the world nor does Vichy delegate this task to others.
    Till here I would say Vichy does not test on animals.
  • The only possible exception is if regulatory authorities required it for safety or regulatory purposes.
    Although cases might be rare, they are ready to test on animals if required by law. So yes, it is most likely that Vichy does test on animals. Until now the only country we know that still relies on animal testing in China, let’s see further if Vichy tests in China.

Is Vichy owned by a parent that is not cruelty-free?

Yes, Vichy is owned by L’Oréal which we already found out that it’s not cruelty-free. If you don’t trust my evaluation, check L’Oréal on PETA’s list

Is Vichy certified cruelty-free?

No. Vichy is not certified cruelty-free.

Is Vichy cruelty-free?

From the first question, I could already tell that Vichy is not cruelty-free. However, let’s assume for a moment that although they said that they would test when required by law, in reality, they never did.

Does Vichy sell in Mainland China?

Usually, I look for the country selector on the website and switch to China if available. However, Vichy does not offer this feature on their websites so I asked Google. First website I get when I Google Vichy China is Vichy’s Chinese website. Although it looks like the website it is an e-shop, it looks like Vichy are operating within China as they are registered in Shanghai. In the case, they were based outside China, but selling also to Chinese consumers, they would have been considered cruelty-free. Since it looks like they are based in China, I would not consider them to be cruelty-free. However, let’s not stop here. Let’s check further cause maybe they are selling products that are not considered to be cosmetics in China.

Are Vichy products in Mainland China are cosmetics?

Unfortunately yes. If their China range consisted of oral care and soap, I would have concluded that they are cruelty-free. However, I could see creams and other items that in China are considered as cosmetics and if someone reports a skin reaction to the authorities, there is a big risk that the authorities commit safety tests on animals.

Which brands should I support instead?

If you are looking for a brand who is serious about their anti-animal-testing policy. Check my list of brands that are against animal testing.

Source: Vichy Mainland China website and Vichy USA animal testing policy webpage as at 27/1/2020 


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