Got my vegan makeup done at Melita Health & Beauty

Vegan Makeup Artist at Melita Health & Beauty

About a year ago, after my boyfriend has proposed to get married, I had started looking for the possibility of vegan-friendly makeup artist in Malta. At that time we were planning to organise the wedding in Malta. I was happy to find out that Daniela Ebejer, at Melita Health and Beauty, could offer vegan makeup application. So I booked her for a trial. At first, I was not sure whether she knows what vegan means. However, during my experience there I got to find out that she is very knowledgeable on the subject. Also, she turned out to be a good makeup artist that I recommended her to my sister.


  • Ere Perez quandong green booster serum
  • Ere Perez arnica concealer
  • Ere Perez oatmilk foundation (chai mixed with honey)
  • Ere Perez vanilla highlighter
  • Ere Perez calendula powder foundations (medium)
  • Ere Perez rice powder blush & bronzer (tulum)


  • benecos quattro eyeshadow (coffee & cream)
  • benecos eyebrown designer (brown)


  • Ere Perez sesame lip liner (shy)

As you noticed most products used are from natural brand Ere Perez. Wet n Wild products were also used but I had removed them from the list as during these last few months it was discovered that they are selling in China i.e. no longer cruelty-free. However, at the time of the application, this info was not yet out. Also, note that Melita stopped selling benecos.

Do you know of other makeup artists in Malta who use cruelty-free and vegan makeup products?

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