Is Pantene cruelty-free in 2021?

Is Pantene cruelty-free?

Today I have decided to evaluate the cruelty-free status of a supermarket brand. We will be discovering if Pantene is cruelty-free and how to find it out. My aim is not only to tell you whether Pantene is cruelty-free but also so that you can come up with your own evaluation since it won’t be possible for me to evaluate every existing brand.

Does Pantene test on animals?

On the Pantene website, I could find the general answer for P&G brands:

  • “We do not test our products on animals anywhere in the world unless required by law”
    Sometimes it feels to me that such brands have copied their animal testing policy from each other. Just because they mentioned that they test on animals when required by law, in my opinion, Pantene tests on animals.

Is Pantene owned by a parent that is not cruelty-free?

Pantene is owned by P&G (Procter & Gamble). PETA lists Procter & Gamble as an animal testing company.

Is Pantene certified cruelty-free?

Pantene is not certified cruelty-free. Also, PETA lists Pantene as an animal testing company.

Is Pantene cruelty-free?

I could stop here as till here we already know that Pantene is not cruelty-free. However, let’s get a hint on why Pantene is not cruelty-free.

Does Pantene sell in Mainland China?

Yes, when you change the country of their official website, you find Mainland China in the list, which takes you to their China website. So yes, Pantene sells in Mainland China. However, nowadays brands can be cruelty-free when selling in Mainland China if they make sure to avoid pre-market tests. It seems that Pantene did not.

Which brands should I support instead?

If you are looking for a brand who is serious about their anti-animal-testing policy. Check my list of brands that are against animal testing.

Source: Pantene Mainland China website and Procter & Gamble animal testing policy as at 2.3.2020 


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