Is Herbalife cruelty-free?

Is Herbalife cruelty-free?

For a long time, MLM or Pyramid Scheme brands have been popping up in Malta. They are these companies which make you believe that when selling their products, you will become your own boss and make your dream come true. Some of these companies also make you believe that their products are the cleanest and most natural products in the market; that’s why they are costly at least that is what they say. Most probably, these companies are the ones that are spreading the idea that natural products are expensive. When in reality, I bought purer products than the ones these MLM companies sell, at a much more affordable price. Since each representative of these MLM company recruits another representative, the products become expensive because there is a long line of commissions and not because they are so-called “natural”. Till now, I have managed to find at least 4 MLM brands that are not cruelty-free. For today I thought of starting with Herbalife.

Does Herbalife test on animals?

Since Herbalife is more of a nutrition brand rather than a beauty brand, I could not find any information from them on whether they are cruelty-free. I could only find that they sell vegan nutrition products. However, as some of you might know, vegan does not mean cruelty-free.

Is Herbalife owned by a parent that is not cruelty-free?

It seems that Herbalife is owned by itself.

Is Herbalife certified cruelty-free?

No Herbalife is not certified cruelty-free.

Is Herbalife cruelty-free?

As I mentioned earlier, Herbalife is mainly a nutrition brand focusing on weight loss products, etc. So at first, I was not going to investigate it’s status since it’s not easy to find which food brand is cruelty-free unless an animal testing corporation owns it. However, when I found out that they have a beauty range, I thought I check if they sell their beauty range in Mainland China.

Does Herbalife sell in Mainland China?

Yes, Herbalife sells in Mainland China.

Are Herbalife products in Mainland China are cosmetics?

If Herbalife just sold their food products in China, I would have moved on to another brand. However, I found that Herbalife also sells their cosmetics range in Mainland China. From this information, I can say that in my books, Herbalife is not cruelty-free.

Which brands should I support instead?

If you are looking for a brand who is serious about its anti-animal-testing policy. Check my list of brands that are against animal testing.

Source: Herbalife Mainland China Website at 3.5.2020 


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