5 Cruelty-free Anti-cellulite Brands in Malta

Anti-cellulite cruelty-free brands in Malta

As the warm weather seems to be approaching and quarantine seems to be slowly becoming loose, I have started to dry brush my thighs. Dry brushing is one technique of removing cellulite, which I seem to have a few on the upper side of my thighs. I don’t do the dry brushing with just a natural brush but I use Pupa Milano’s anti-cellulite scrub which I had received as a PR sample. Since I like to compare products, while I empty my scrub, I am checking which other brands in Malta offer anti-cellulite ranges. I managed to find some:

Bottega Verde

Bottega Verde’s anti-cellulite range contains a mix of products that are just cruelty-free and some that are also vegan. To check which Bottega Verde anti-cellulite products are vegan, check out my Bottega Verde vegan body care list.


Salon brand Casmara has some products to fight cellulite, some of which are vegan.


At first, I was not sure whether to list Guam as I assumed that it’s not cruelty-free. However, I found that they are. I am not sure whether they are vegan though.

Histomer (vegan)

I have recently discovered a vegan salon brand called Histomer which I am curious to learn more about. Their products are based on plant stem cells and they seem to target many skin conditions which I have been noticing on my skin since I skipped my 30s.

Pupa Milano

Right now I am using a Pupa Milano anti-cellulite scrub. It seems to be a good product. I love that it leaves an oil coating which seems to protect the skin from water. Pupa Milano products are only cruelty-free.

These are all the brands I know of that offer anti-cellulite products. One thing I noticed that these brands have in common, other than being cruelty-free is that they are all Mediterranean brands. It makes me wonder, whether cellulite is an issue found mostly in Mediterranean women.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an affiliate, pr or sponsored post. I had received a Pupa Milano anti-cellulite scrub some years ago but it’s surely not a payment for this post.


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