4 Cruelty-free Beard Care Brands in Malta

Cruelty-free Beard Care Brands in Malta

Most of the time I feature products that are used by mostly women. Mostly because I am one, my posts seem to attract more females. A cruelty-free lifestyle is for all, so to attract also men, I sometimes also posted some unisex products like skincare, body care, sun care, etc. Finally, the boys have recently started to get interested in a cruelty-free lifestyle and I was asked if I knew of any beard care brands. Since mine has not grown yet 😉 and my boyfriend shaves off his, I couldn’t help much, so after asking around I discovered these brands.

Barbology London (Natural Health Malta) – Vegan

ManCave (TXP) – Vegan

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Seven Potions (Hames Sensi) – Vegetarian

Soap Cafe – Vegetarian

These are the ones I have discovered by now. Most of them are not only cruelty-free but also vegan. If you happen to know more, let me know so that I list them.

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