7 Cruelty-free Brands That Offer An Advent Calendar 2020

Cruelty-free Advent Calendars 2020

Last year I have attempted to post a list of cruelty-free advent calendars. To my surprise, this post was the most visited during the Christmas season. So I made it a point that as soon as all cruelty-free advent calendar 2020 are out, I will write a new list. As there is currently a hype and brands launch a limited number of calendars each year, there is the tendency of these calendars to be sold out already. So if you are interested in one, I would recommend you to buy it or else you will no longer find it the next time you attempt. The cruelty-free brands that are offering advent calendars this year are:

The concept of beauty advent calendars is new. What is even newer is the concept of cruelty-free beauty advent calendars. It seems that we need to wait till we have vegan beauty advent calendars.

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