6 Vegan Eateries in Bonn that I have tried

Vegan Eateries in Bonn

Unlike the German city I am currently living in, Offenburg, in Bonn I could find lots of vegan or eateries offering plant-based options. Most of the time, when it was time breakfast, lunch or dinner, I just opened my Happy Cow app and checked what there is in the vicinity. Only one time I did not go to a nearby restaurant. I found a 100% vegan restaurant called Kaiserhüttn that serves veganised version of traditional Austrian/German/Swiss and I really wanted to try it. It felt like once in a lifetime experience as I did not common veganised German traditional food very common.

I already shared these eateries on Instagram. However, for you who haven’t seen my Instagram posts and also for future me who might visit Bonn again, I thought of gathering them all in one post.

BiBu – vegan Mobil – natürlich vegan Essen

Burgermanufaktur am Frankenbad


Kamps Bäckerei

Saigon Vietnamesisches Restaurant

Solo Qui

I did not write a description for each one as the embedded Instagram posts seem to show already my captions and reviews for each option that I have tried. However, should it be changed in the future, I can paste my reviews on this post.

I hope you liked this post. If you have any questions or need more information on vegan options in Bonn, please leave me a comment. Thank you.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an affiliate, pr or sponsored post. We paid for all the food we ordered.


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