world week animals in laboratories

Event: Animals in Laboratories need you to care

Whether you are convinced and want to start living cruelty-free or whether you already are living cruelty-free and want to increase your awareness of cruelty-free companies in Malta, we have teamed up with cruelty-free sponsors such as Crazy Rumors, Debbie’s Baby Centre, Femme Beauty and Lily Lolo to organise 4 giveaways in the span of 2 weeks.

Childs farm is cruelty-free

Childs Farm

Childs Farm is an award-winning collection of bath & body products, which are natural, affordable and kind to skin, making bath time fun so mucky…

Jackson Reece

Jackson Reece are a group of experts devoted to creating NATURAL, PURE PRODUCTS for babies & children. Products that they are proud to say are, Kinder by…