Event: Animals in Laboratories need you to care

world week animals in laboratories

Whether you are an animal lover, environmentalist, vegetarian or vegan, you have the opportunity to take your lifestyle to the next step. This week, in celebration for World Week dedicated to Animals in Laboratories, the CrueltyFreeMalta.com facebook page have teamed up with ethical sponsors to raise awareness on cruelty-free alternatives available in Malta.

Cruelty-free” is a term coined for labeling products and chemicals that haven’t been tested on animals for the last 5 years. While science evolved in many aspects with the help of new technologies and methods, many scientist in the food, beauty, home hygiene and petfood industry are still using the primitive method of research that has been around since Roman history (2nd century) commonly known as animal testing, in vivo testing or vivisection.

Animals in laboratories include cats, dogs, monkeys, rats and rabbits and are living a life far much worse than your house pet. As stated on the PETA Kids website, “Some of the painful experiments that rabbits in labs endure include having dishwashing liquid, drain cleaner, and other harsh products dripped into their sensitive eyes and having damaging chemicals applied to their soft, pink skin—all while receiving little to no pain relief. After the tests are finished, these sensitive creatures are killed and studied.” Not only this method is primitive and painful, it is also inaccurate.

As stated by the US Secretary of Health and Human Services, Mike Leavitt “Currently, nine out of ten experimental drugs fail in clinical studies because we cannot accurately predict how they will behave in people based on laboratory and animal studies.” The reason being that the body of non-human animals react different to human diseases and drugs like chimpanzees are immune to human diseases such as HIV, malaria and hepatitis, and drugs such paracetamol (such as “Panadol”) is toxic to cats.

Why do we support companies that use such methods, rather than supporting small companies that have found a more accurate and ethical research methods?

Whether you are convinced and want to start living cruelty-free or whether you already are living cruelty-free and want to increase your awareness of cruelty-free companies in Malta, we have teamed up with cruelty-free sponsors such as Crazy Rumors, Debbie’s Baby Centre, Femme Beauty and Lily Lolo to organise 4 giveaways in the span of 2 weeks.

Since last Monday, till Sunday May 10th May, you have the opportunity to WIN various cruelty-free prizes ranging from vegan lip balms to make-up to baby care.

To take part, just visit our Facebook page and follow the instructions found in the caption of the giveaway prizes.


(a.k.a. Fiona Henschel) Malta-born blogger. I have been blogging during these last 6 years on my cruelty-free lifestyle including recipes, beauty and makeup products that I discover, receive, buy and try.