Spring 2012 Make-Up Trends

Every now and then, I like researching on the current make-up trends on popular fashion magazines. This weekend I researched the common make-up trends for Spring 2012. Since I couldn’t find a magazine that guides me on which cruelty-free products I could use to get the current looks, I thought of doing one myself.

Below is a summary of Spring 2012 make-up trends according to Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Elle including which cruelty-free products you could use to get a similar look.

Cat’s Eyes, Cheek Contouring, Red Lips

  1. The pure mineral eye shadows like Lily Lolo’s can also be used as liquid eye liners when mixed with water. Therefore to get the cat’s eyes look, simply mix Lily Lolo Witchypoo Eyeshadow [V] with water.
  2. To apply the mixture use an eyeliner brush, like Lily Lolo Eyeliner Brush. This particular eyeliner brush is specifically designed for mineral products.
  3. Finish your eye make-up by applying PUPA Milano Diva’s Lashes high definition volume mascara in Extreme Black, on your upper lashes.
  4. For contoured cheeks, apply Lily Lolo South Beach Bronzer [V] just below the cheekbones starting from the outer part and blending towards the inner part (direction of the nose) and upward towards the temples.
  5. Get the red lips with PUPA Milano Jeans N’ Roses Lypstylo in 03 sexy red. This lipstick, not only it gives a red lips but also a shiny and wet finish.
White Silver Eyes or Extreme Smoky Eyes
  1. For the White Silver Look, try the PUPA Milano Jeans N’ Roses Luminys Silk Eyeshadow in 03 grey silver
  2. For the extreme smokey eyes, try the Lily Lolo Greyzie Daze Eyeshadow [V]
DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. Products mentioned were purchased by me for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any brands. I confirm this unless stated otherwise on my review. Please respect my genuine and honest opinion 🙂

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