Review: My Experience at Tate

This morning my friend and I decided last minute to go to the Birgu Waterfront. While we were there, we decided to stop at one of the restaurants for a pizza. The first restaurant my eyes spotted was Tate.

I had no idea that this famous vegetarian outlet, that was constantly suggested by Cruelty Free Malta facebook page members, was at this recently restored waterfront. My idea of Tate was an old pub/bar somewhere inside Birgu, so I am very happy to find it much better from what I imagined it to be.

It was a modern looking restaurant with the usual menu but with a difference, dishes were completely meat free. From what I could see, the outlet had no sign saying that it is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant. I skimmed the menu pages to look for dishes with a V (vegetarian/vegan) sign next to the details of each dish. No dish had the V, but when I went to the Pizza Corner and found out that all the dishes didn’t contain any meat, I realised that the V wasn’t there because all dishes were vegetarian. (duh moment?)

I didn’t look for whether it offers vegan dishes, but many websites say that it does. Therefore, in this case I would suggest that they do a V sign for vegan options.

When ordering a pizza, my friend usually orders either Capricciosa or the one with the outlet’s name. There was Hawaiian, Funghi but not Capricciosa in the pizza list, so we ordered the Tate Garden pizza (shared between 2).

Tate Garden Pizza €8.95 @ Tate, Birgu Waterfront, Malta

Before the pizza was served I checked in on foursquare and went through the Tate foursquare profile. One of the tips left on this profile was “Worst pizza ever” so my friend kind of prepared himself that the pizza won’t taste good. On the contrary, I was convincing my friend and myself that probably this reviewer was disappointed that he didn’t find any pizza with meat.

The pizza arrived and it was very slightly smaller than the usual pizza size, but portion was enough to fill both stomachs. I don’t like it when I feel stuffed, but I like it when I feel like the portion is enough. The pizza was very yummy and didn’t feel greasy. I enjoyed it. My friend liked the pizza and said that the foursquare tip was wrong. Hopefully this might be the first step to convince my friend that vegetarian food still tastes good 😉

Would I revisit?
YES. The only problem is that its very rarely that I visit Birgu, but if I do I will try to recommend it to whoever I’m with on the day and will try a different dish as I like to try every dish that looks yummy.

Would I recommend it?
YES. Especially if you wish to eat meat-free food. I just started eating meat-free dishes for at least once a week and since I don’t like most vegetables, I find it difficult to choose a meat-free dish from a common restaurant in Malta. Usually, most of their vegetarian dishes consists of vegetables that I don’t like. Restaurants like Tate makes it easier to find a vegetarian yummy dish for anyone like me.

I wish that in the near future, we will find more vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Malta, at least in St Julians and Sliema area (the area where I live and work), till then lets hope we will. 🙂

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