Shanti Natural & Organic Pre-Christmas Haul

Last weekend I shared, on the Cruelty Free Malta facebook page, three Akamuti products that were on my wishlist. Since then I’ve been in a dilemma whether I should buy these products before Christmas or I wait a bit more till after Christmas. In the meantime I came up with lots of reason … eh-em … excuses … for why I should buy them now rather than after Christmas.

So this evening after work I gave up fighting myself and decided to go to Shanti Health & Organic Shop in Mosta to buy these 3 Akamuti products. However as expected they weren’t the only products I’ve bought … duh!

Here’s what I bought…

Akamuti Replenishing Rose Facial Oil 50ml @ €17.26

The product description says:
“…Combined with real rose oil it not only smells gorgeous, it also helps many skin problems including scarring … Rose is an excellent skin elixir & helps to combat marks & redness. Golden jojoba oil is rich in proteins & is especially good for regulating oily & greasy complexions…”
My skin is oily and acne-prone. Since I don’t leave these spots alone, I tend to end up with acne scars.
I don’t have too much acne scars, however, I am sometimes conscious about them, especially when I see a photo of me where the camera flash hits my cheeks and make the scars obvious.
So hopefully serum, which is made from Rosehip Seed Oil, a carrier oil which is known to combat scars and wrinkles, will help my scars to fade! *crosses fingers*

Akamuti Tea Tree Rescue Cream with Lavender @ €12.60

“… applied to problem & upset skin. Use a little of this cream whenever your skin needs a bit of extra TLC…”

Before moving to this product, I was using the Handmade Naturals Sensitive Face Cream (

It was a good product, it kept my skin oil balanced. However, I like to change and see what other good cruelty-free products there are in the market.

So I thought of trying the Akamuti cream which is created especially for problem skins such as mine.

Akamuti Cuticle Moon Butter @ €11.31

“… This butter supplies all the goodness required to keep nails & cuticles strong & healthy …”
About 2 weeks ago I went to do gel nail polish application at a salon. They were done professionally, no pain and neat work. After two weeks it started to peel off and I kept on peeling it, which I knew that is not good for the nails. Being an ex-nail-biter, I never left my nails in peace and quiet. My nails never had the chance to grow strong and healthy, and peeling the gel nail polish probably made it worse.
Therefore I started looking for something specifically for nails, which will help my nails grow stronger, and this was the only product I found. So I thought of giving it a go!

Quest Evening Primrose Capsules 1000mg @ €19.05

Evening primrose is known to be a good supplement to treat PMS, menstrual problems, eczema, psoriasis and acne. Some sources also claim that it helps curing cancer. However there is not enough proof to back up this claim.

As you might have guessed, I bought this supplement to help me in the fight against acne. Also, if the sources that I’ve read are right, it also helps in fading the acne scars.

My Natural Living book advises to take up to 1500mg per day when treating acne while some other articles suggest up to 3000mg. Therefore I will try to take two from these 1000mg capsules per day. Then decrease or increase depending on the results I get after 30 days.

Organic India Tulsi Ginger Tea 100 g Tin @ €6.20

I had no particular reason for why to buy this product. Being as obsessed with tea as Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter, I bought this tea to add to my tea collection and since it was half price (€3.10), I was indirectly more motivated buy it.
The benefits of this particular tea are: Reduces stress, Rich in antioxidants, Guards against cough & cold, Enhances stamina, Builds immunity, Helps in digestion, Alleviates nausea and motion sickness, Eliminates toxins.
If I had to mark the benefits that interest me, I will end up with all them bold. My life is full of stress … whose life isn’t? … and most of the time turn up this causes blemishes to appear on my face. As mentioned above, this tea guards against colds and builds immunity, these benefits makes it perfect for winter! The rest of the benefits are properties that are needed to be healthy, so they are a big plus!
In the end I ended up with an approx. €60 bill to pay. Too bad I am too old to ask Saint Nick to buy me the beauty products I need! … m’hemmx x’tagħmel! =3
Let me hear from you… what skin type do you have? Is it acne-prone as mine? Do you get acne scars? Which cruelty-free products do you use to treat it?
DISCLAIMER: The products mentioned in this post were bought by me. I wasn’t paid, forced or asked by anyone to do this post. 

(a.k.a. Fiona Henschel) Malta-born blogger. I have been blogging during these last 6 years on my cruelty-free lifestyle including recipes, beauty and makeup products that I discover, receive, buy and try.