REVIEW | The Great Vegetarian Barbecue

In Summer, people tend to organise or get invited to lots of barbecues. It’s a good excuse to go to the beach and socialise. However, the first thing that comes to your head when you think of barbecues is … slow-grilled meat.

Last June, the Mojitos Beach Terrace, at Ramla Bay Resort, succeeded to change this perspective of barbecue food by organising The Great Vegetarian Barbecue and proving that you can also have a meat-free barbeque.

Check out the variety of food offered during this event in The Vegetarian Society of Malta photo album.

In my opinion the food was good. Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat a bit of everything as after around three plates I felt stuffed already. However, from what I had, it shows that the chefs were creative. They didn’t stick only to known vegetarian dishes that you find in every restaurant but they extended by creating some vegan dishes, patties and “sausages” made out of beans and much more dishes you wouldn’t imagine to be possible.

I attended the event with my family and my boyfriend. Although they are not keen on converting to vegetarianism they really enjoyed the food. For them trying vegetarian food is like trying a different cuisine.

The only drawback the event had was that it was windy, but no one really has control on that.

Conclustion: This is already the second time this year that Ramla Bay Resort organised a vegetarian and vegan event, I hope it won’t be the last!

Here’s what I filled up my plates with…

DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t paid or asked to do a review on the event.


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