Lily Lolo Autumn 2015 Lipsticks Swatches

Lily Lolo Lipstick Swatches for Autumn 2015

In this post I will show you my Lily Lolo Lipstick swatches for the 3 lipstick shades  for Autumn 2015, which were announced and launched last week by Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics:

  • Scarlet Red – A warm red shade for maximum impact
  • Temptation – A cool bubble-gum pink
  • Nude Allure – Neutral, peachy beige, everyday shade

From what I’ve seen in other brands’ launch of their Autumn makeup collection, it seems that these shades are going to be very popular for Autumn 2015.

Last Saturday, while picking up my Lily Lolo order from Blends of Nature, I had the opportunity to try out and swatch these new shades.

A brief info on Lily Lolo lipsticks, they are cruelty-free and natural. They not only give colour to your lips but also nourish and protect them. I must admit that I did notice this benefit while doing my Lily Lolo lipstick swatches. One drawback about these lipsticks is that they are not suitable for vegans.

The shade I would want to buy for this autumn would be Nude Allure. The reason being that I don’t have a lot of nude lipsticks. It would also be ideal for when I use dark eyeshadow. However, my boyfriend would prefer me to wear the Scarlet Red one.

How about you, which of these 3 shades would you buy and which one does your make-up box lack (pinks/reds/nudes)?


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