#BeEdgyGoVeggie Hard Rock Cafe’s New Vegetarian Menu

Vegetarian Menu Hard Rock Cafe #BeEdgyGoVeggie

“With an international movement toward a more plant-based diet, the demand for vegetarian dining has continued to grow”

— Antonio Bautista, Senior Vice President of Franchise Operations
for Hard Rock International

To celebrate World Vegetarian Awareness Month, Hard Rock International took the opportunity to launch a vegetarian menu. 25 meatless options inspired from global and American cuisine, were developed by Hard Rock International, 9 of which Hard Rock Cafe Malta will be offering during the month of October.

CrueltyFreeMalta.com gladly accepted the invitation from Hard Rock Cafe Malta to taste and review these 9 new meatless options before they are officially launched to the public next week.

From a vegetarian and a carnivore perspective we can say that whether or not you eat meat, we recommend that you MUST try at least one of these dishes. They are surely not the usual boring and tasteless vegetarian dishes you find in most food outlets in Malta.

At the end of the session I talked to Shandelle Azzopardi, Hard Rock Cafe Malta’s Operations Manager to ask about the cheese in the dishes and about vegan dishes in the menu. She assured me that they were careful in choosing cheese with microbial rennet, and although for this time they didn’t cater for vegans it is always possible to customise these dishes for vegans.

Creating the options in this menu was a big challenge to the staff of Hard Rock Cafe Malta, however after lots of trial and errors they managed to create this tasty vegetarian menu, and CrueltyFreeMalta.com appreciates the effort they made to make it happen.

Therefore we would like to thank Hard Rock Cafe Malta for the invitation, hospitality, consideration and effort in making this menu a reality. I hope this promotion goes well with the public as this will lead to the addition of vegetarian options in Hard Rock Cafe’s new all year menu and who knows, it could also lead to the consideration of vegan options in the years to come.


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DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t paid or asked to write this blog post.


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