Tag | 10 Hates and 10 Loves

Abigail from Zeza’s Things invited all bloggers to take part in the 10 Love and Hate tag. So I thought of trying it out.

At first I blanked, but then I managed to write in point form anything that came to my head on the subject. Please note that they are not in a particular order, just the order in which they popped in my head.

So, just as Abigail did in hers, I started with the hates first …


  1. Driving or on the road for over an hour
    One day I needed to drive from Fgura to San Gwann for a workshop/seminar. It happened to be the day when a large vehicle hit the bridge in Malta, causing streets to be closed. So I was stuck in traffic for probably 3 or more hours. From that day I started feeling uneasy about driving for at least 1 hour.
  2. Summer
    Although I am born in Malta, I feel that my body is not made for Maltese Summers. It sweats during all seasons, a full body sweat including hair during summer and sweaty armpits during the rest of the year. Therefore I hate Summer because of the sticky sweat feeling and the sun that rapidly burns my skin.
  3. Insects and reptiles
    I don’t like to boast that I am an animal lover because of this reason.
  4. Beans and lentils
    I am currently 99% vegetarian. However I don’t take much beans and lentils as I don’t like them. I would eat them if they were finely minced and mixed with other ingredients but not alone and whole.
  5. Lack of freedom / selfish people
    I thought of putting these two together as I noticed that my lack of freedom is always caused by a selfish person who always wants everything his/her way.
  6. Animal testing
    Obviously! I wouldn’t have called this blog crueltyfreemalta.com if I was indifferent about the subject.
  7. Waiting for weeks until I meet my boyfriend again
    My boyfriend lives in Germany while I live in Malta. Being far away from him for about a month or more is driving me mad! I can’t wait till we settle both in one place. <3
  8. Waste
    I feel butterflies and volcanoes when I see someone printing a paper and it turns out not as expected then they shredded and throw it in the bin. I would have preferred if they used the backside for scribbling before shredding it. Even I tend to make sure a beauty product is empty till the last drop before throwing it away, except for in the case that the product expired and has a repulsive smell.
  9. Feeling useless
    I am technical but not too technical so whenever people get too technical and expect me to understand what they are saying, I tend to feel useless.
  10. Going to the gym
    I am currently struggling to go down 5 kg (back to 50kg weight). I am doing this by avoiding carbs after 5pm and do cardio at the gym. However I always find an excuse why not to go.


  1. My boyfriend
    He’s the best guy I’ve met and have no intention of losing him. 😀
  2. Cats and rabbits
    As mentioned earlier, I shouldn’t be called an animal lover but I should be called a cat and rabbit lover. I started out as a cat lover but when I started living alone in apartment, to avoid disturbing my neighbours with sounds, I opted to adopt a rabbit as they are quiet. Unlike cats, rabbits don’t like to be cuddled which makes me like cats more. However rabbits don’t eat meat so I can keep avoiding meat which makes me prefer rabbits… I can’t really tell which of the two I really like more. XD
  3. Chocolate
    I managed to stop eating meat but I don’t think I will manage to stop chocolate. Dark chocolate is my most favourite, but it shouldn’t be more than 80% chocolate. However I might be able to stop chocolate if I want to.
  4. Hoarding make-up, beauty products and anything cute
    I hoarded a lot of cosmetics, so now I have banned myself from buying anymore before I finish what I have. There is an exception when I don’t really have an alternative product, like when I bought the Lily Lolo Laid Bare palette cause I lack brown eyeshadows to use for my daily morning look.
  5. Being creative
    I like being creative, I design most of the pictures on crueltyfreemalta’s media channels. Apart from that I sometimes pick up some crafts like crochet or cross-stitch. I sometimes help my boyfriend in painting his Revell model vehicles.
  6. Creative people
    I am fascinated by creative people, especially those that are more creative than me.
  7. Cooking
    I am not a professional cook, no one taught me how to cook. I try to cook and try to improve my mistakes if there isn’t a gap between first and next trial. However I rarely burn something. Everytime I visit my boyfriend in Germany, I would want to cook as I am not allowed to cook in my parents house.
  8. 80s music and over
    I prefer old music like 80s and backwards. I don’t consider today’s music as music, just noise which I really can’t dance to.
  9. Watching movies and TV series
    Currently I am watching lots of TV series like Once Upon a Time, Flash, Arrow, Gotham, Grimm, Daredevil, Agents of SHIELD, Sailor Moon … I also watch movies, sometimes also old movies which everyone watched and I still haven’t.
  10. Travel
    The only travelling that I am currently doing is to my boyfriend and back, which doesn’t really feel like holiday travel. I can’t wait to settle at one place with my boyfriend so that we can start going on a holiday to other countries and regions.

So, since the Maltese bloggers have already been invited or tagged, I tag:


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