Juice Diary | Post-Easter Juicing : Day 3

This post is a continuation of Juice Diary | Post-Easter Juicing : Day 2 which are posts my experience in following Jason Vale’s 5 day juice challenge.

Yesterday morning I was happy to see that I dropped to 52.4 kg  even though I snacked on a handful of chips. I sinned also today as I ate a plain bretzel instead of the 1pm juice. I didn’t like bretzels that much before I moved to Germany cause I found them to be very salty, but now I am starting to like them.


Since I got worried that it will effect the juice cleanse, around the time I was going to take my last juice for the day, I went to weigh myself again and it was 51.8kg. I was thinking making this sin permanent, till the end of the cleanse, but it depends on whether I keep on seeing the drop in kilos daily.

Juice 1: Berry Banana Crunch: 2 apples, 2 handful berries, 2 tbsp natural yogurt (can omit it), 1/4 banana, 2 tbsp mixed seeds.

Juice 2: The Green Refresher: 1 apple, 1 pear, 1/4 cucumber, 2 handfuls spinach, 2 – 3cm broccoli stem, 1 lime.

And you? Are you also following this big juice challenge? How did you find it? Did you manage to beat the cravings?


DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t paid or asked to write this post.


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