Juice Diary | Post-Easter Juicing : Result

This is the conclusion of last week’s post series called “Juice Diary” which are posts my experience in following Jason Vale’s 5 day juice challenge. If you have missed the previous posts please find them below:

As you can read from the other posts above, I didn’t juice 100% of the time. On the last day of juicing I didn’t even juice at all as I was busy cooking food for my boyfriend’s birthday party, which happened the next day. I later realised that all the cooking and baking that I did for his big day was all in vain as his mother prepared a lot of food that could feed the whole street, so I now have to throw away all the food I cooked since we didn’t have space for it in the fridge. :'( However this post is not about what happened in my boyfriend’s birthday party.

After last week’s 5 day juice cleanse I am now 52.5 kg from 53.7 kg, which in my opinion is still good considering that I still ate 1 snack daily during the cleanse and had no hope in losing weight as a result.

That is all I have to say about last week’s juice cleanse. What about you? How was your juice cleanse? Did you manage to follow it completely? What was the result?

Next Saturday I will be flying to London, so I was thinking of recording my visit in another diary post series. Would you like that?


DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t paid or asked to write this post.


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