Unboxing | This is what I got in my April 2016 Vegan Box

Last month I have subscribed to the Vegan Box. The Vegan Box is a German monthly subscription box consisting of everything vegan. There are more than one vegan box to choose from. There is the Soy-free, Gluten-free, Beauty only, Food only and the Classic one which contains a mix of everything. The price of a box is 24.90€, but for the Classic box you can choose to get a small one which costs 14.90€. Shipping for Germany is free, however for Malta you need to pay 8€ for shipping.

Since I currently have no income, I decided to subscribe to the small Classic Vegan Box, that is the 14.90€. Every month I get 5 food products, 1 beauty product and a German magazine related to veganism/vegetarianism.

The products that I got this month were:

    This affectionately called Canihua (“Baby Quinoa”) is actually not new, but in Germany it is mostly unknown. Quinoa and amaranth belong to the family of the Canihua amaranthaceae which comes from the Andes. These small grains have an intense nutty flavor, and cook loose and grainy. The organic Canihua from Davert make an excellent base for colorful salads, exotic fry or as a side dish.
    Admittedly, Tofu looks rather unimpressive and is also quite tasteless. Seasoned with the right spices it becomes the instant highlight on the table! Just Spices has therefore created an extra spice mixture of tofu. With turmeric and coriander seeds to provide a hint of exotic taste; ginger, lemon grass and Tellicherry pepper give a bit of spiciness, and thyme and rosemary to complement with some Mediterranean flair.
    As the name suggests, the team of LoveRaw like raw: All ingredients of LoveRaw bars are processed from organic farming and to raw food standards. This organic bar consists exclusively of nuts and fruits. In addition, this bar contains two delicious and healthy Superfoods: Cocoa and Maca.
  • ALLOS Hofgemüse “Patricks Tomate Pesto” – VEGAN. ORGANIC. GLUTEN-FREE. SOY-FREE.
    Hearty, spicy and, moreover, almost entirely made out of vegetables! The new yard-vegetable spread called “Patrick’s tomato pesto” comprises 67% of vegetables and is 100% organic quality. Whether hearty on bread or as a base for salad dressings and dips: The spread is versatile and brings a touch of Italian in the kitchen.
  • ALLOS Frucht Pur Riegel Blaubeere – VEGAN. ORGANIC. GLUTEN-FREE. SOY-FREE.
    Allos Pure Fruit 100% blueberry is a 100% pure fruit enjoyment! Unlike many other fruit bars, this bar is only made from fruits and comes without flavorings, preservatives and palm oil. A bar that complies to one of the recommended five servings of fruits or vegetables a day.
  • SANTE Bodylotion “Goji Power” – VEGAN. CRUELTY-FREE. NATURAL.
    With this cream you and your skin are perfectly equipped for the Summer: The Sante Body Lotion “Goji Power” contains valuable extracts of organic goji berries and limes. So the lotion not only spoils the skin and makes it soft to the touch, but it also keeps a pleasant and refreshing fruity scent.
  • VEBU Magazin
    The VEBU magazine is published four times a year and offers a variety of vegan recipes by renowned chefs. In addition, the journal contains updates on health, nutrition, ethics, animal welfare and the environment.

The total retail price of the products above, if I had to buy each one of them is around 30€. Therefore since I paid only 14.90€ for the box, I kind of get double of what I paid. In the case where you are shipping the box outside Germany, you still gain around 7€. Therefore I would still recommend to try the box out as either way you’re not losing money.

I am happy that unlike last month’s box, this month’s box has products that I could use for cooking. To tell you the truth last month, after receiving the box and seeing that it didn’t have any cooking product but just snacks, I was already looking for an alternative box, just in case even the April one won’t contain cooking products. However since I have received 3 cooking products in the April vegan box and they are products which seem to be interesting, I will definitely keep the subscription on for another month.

Join the conversation: Are you subscribed to a similar service? Which one? How did you find it? Would you consider subscribing to the Vegan Box? 

DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t asked or paid to post this.



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