Unboxing | This is what I got in my May 2016 Vegan Box

Vegan Box May 2016

Every month I look forward to receive my Vegan Box and discover new vegan goodies which are available in the German vegan market and maybe not yet available in the Maltese vegan market. That is one of the reasons I have subscribed to this box. The other reason is that I want to slowly start including vegan food in my life and since I started living in a new country I wanted to know which vegan brands I can find in Germany and which brands sell what.

To give you a short intro to this box, just incase you haven’t yet check my previous post. The Vegan Box is a monthly subscription box which is shipped or delivered from Germany. The smallest box, the one I subscribed to, costs €14.90 and shipping to Malta costs €8. Therefore the smallest box costs you €22.90 and it usually consists of around 5 food product, 1 non food product and a free vegan magazine. The total cost of the products inside the box usually exceeds the €22.90 so it’s still kind of worth it if you ship it outside Germany.

This month I received my third vegan box of this year, and I am very happy with the vegan goodies that were included in this month’s box and it had mostly food I can use when I cook. The total cost price of the items in my May 2016 vegan box is around €24.84

The products I received this month are

    Provamel brings Quinoa now also in a glass! The small grains have been enjoying for some time their increasing popularity as they are rich in nutrients and proteins. The combination of the refreshing rice and the fine quinoa, results in a very special taste experience. This Quinoa Rice Drink comes with no added sugar.
  • ALLOS VitaKorn Amaranth-Basis-Müsli – VEGAN. ORGANIC.
    As porridge, overnight oats, smoothie topping or just the classical muesli, the Vita Grain-Based Muesli from Allos always tastes good! The granola is sweetened with fruit sweetness and contains 20% popped amaranth. Thus, it has a particularly large number of fiber and simultaneously a low sugar content than the traditional cereals.
    The natural pale yellow flour from Müllers Mühle consists of 100% high quality chickpeas. The flour has a slight nutty flavor, is rich in protein and can be a very valuable addition for example in pizza dough. However, it actually comes from the oriental cuisine and it is used in dough soups or dips. Just try it!
  • DEVELEY Aufstrich “Tomate-Paprika” – VEGAN. GLUTEN-FREE. SOY-FREE.
    The new “Tomato Paprika” spread by Develey impresses with a dainty and fruity-spicy flavor combination. The vegan vegetable spread consists of 78% of vegetables, so is particularly rich in tomato and bell pepper and is pleasantly hot. The spread tastes especially delicious on brown bread, but it is also wonderfully yummy for dipping, cooking and refining.
    Bulgar comes from the oriental cuisine, but in recent times it found more and more fans. No wonder: It’s quick to prepare, very healthy, has various ways to use and delicious! Bulgar naturally contains lots of fiber and it is a suitable addition to oriental dishes as well as in salads. Just briefly boil as much twice the amount of water and leave it swelling for about 10 minutes – ready!
    The “Celebrate Bar” by Eli’s Earth Bar is definitely a reason for a holiday! The chocolate bar consists of creamy vanilla caramel, which is flavored with coconut flavor and topped with crunchy Californian almonds. Finally, the bar is then coated with a delicious, vegan chocolate.
    Scents contribute to the room’s atmosphere and can influence whether people feel more comfortable or uncomfortable. Beautiful scents make you feel good – especially now that summer is coming slowly! The organic Airspray from Primavera is perfect, since they are neither artificial nor intrusive. The fragrances are made from organic ingredients and smell pleasantly refreshing and summery.
  • VEGAN WORLD Magazin
    The Vegan World magazine deals with interesting topics around veganism. It presents new products and innovative companies, and creates regularly delicious, vegan recipes. Definitely worth a look.

As you can see only the muesli and the bar were snacks, the res of the food products can be used for cooking, so I will definitely keep my subscription for the June vegan box. Can’t wait!

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