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Pupa Milano Bronze Fever

Four months ago, I moved to Germany and I didn’t carry all my make-up collection with me as I didn’t have enough space in my check-in luggage. Therefore as I do before every season, I googled up which shades will the next Pupa Milano limited edition make-up collection have, so that I have an idea which shades will be in fashion this Spring. Luckily, a few days before my move, I managed to discover the Pupa Milano Dot Shock collection, so I took with me only the shades that looked close.

These last few weeks, since I knew that today I would have visited Malta, I did the same. However since the Dot Shock collection was promoted on the Pupa Milano website as a Spring/Summer 2016 collection, I was looking for the Pupa Milano Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, as I thought that they decided to start launching 2 collections instead of 4.

I didn’t find any information about a Pupa Milano Autumn/Winter 2016 collection. However, yesterday, during my final trial I found a Pupa Milano banner online of a collection which I never saw before. The name of the collection was Bronze Fever. So, googled Pupa Milano Bronze Fever to make sure it’s not past collection, and to my relief it wasn’t.

Pupa Milano Bronze Fever is the Summer 2016 collection by Pupa Milano.

The collection consists of:

    I am not a fan of waterproof make-up because in my opinion, the more longlasting or waterproof the product is, the more not safe for your skin it is. On the other hand I think these eyeshadows will save me from fixing my morning eyeshadow application when I don’t have time to redo my make-up, and brown I am wearing frequently brown eyeshadow at the moment. I wonder if this eyeshadow smudges when you wear it for swimming …
    I love many products from Pupa Milano, their mascaras, their nail products, their eyeshadows, and so on, however the eye pencils I’ve tried from them till now didn’t impress me. I didn’t find a good pigmented one yet. The description of these kajal says that they are pigmented and from my experience with Pupa Milano’s Vamp! products’ level of pigmentation, I think these kajals would impress me.
    If you like lip products that give you a natural look, then these glosses are just right. Very ideal for a natural beach look.
    In my opinion, highlighters are always a summer must for a sun-kissed skin.
    Consists of 3 metallic nailpolishes and one matte. I love Pupa Milano’s nail polishes. They are pigmented, long lasting, ideal for unsteady hands me, and affordable. I am in love with the matte one (i.e. 155-Chocolate), most probably I will buy it before I go back to Germany, depends how good I am to control my ongoing make-up purchase ban. 🙂

Usually, Pupa Milano publish their master look tutorial some days after the announcement of their new collection. This time, they published everything together which is great because I can start practicing the look a few days before Summer. 😀

DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t paid or asked to write this post. 


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