Unboxing | This is what I got in my June 2016 Vegan Box

Vegan Box June 2016

After my visit to Malta, I was looking forward to see what I’ve received in my Vegan Box. On the day that I had to receive it I’ve checked instagram photos with the #veganbox hashtag to see any snapshots taken by early receivers. In the evening I received my box and opened the box to see if I understood what the products in the photos were.

The products that I’ve received totaled to €24.76 if you consider the magazine as part of it but since my German is not good enough to read full articles yet, I consider it as extra so my total is €20.26.

So self-translating the paper I receive each month from German to English, these are the products I received this month:

  • BACKDEINBROT.DE Dinkelbrezen-Backmischung – VEGAN. SOY-FREE.
    Homemade tastes actually always better and of course, also with pretzels! With the baking mixture of backdeinbrot.de you can freely make your own pretzels. The mixture consists of fine spelled flour and is vegan of course. If for a picnic, breakfast or simply that: The pretzels are made super easy, fast and every taste guaranteed!
  • FRIYA Chia-Drink “Ingwer & Limette” – VEGAN. ORGANIC. GLUTEN-FREE. SOY-FREE.
    Perfect companion on warm summer days: The Chia Superfood drink of Friya is refreshing and at the same time healthy. Chia seeds give that special kick and give you energy for the day. At the same time with a bit of ginger and a splash of lime it’s ready for summer-fresh flavor. All natural ingredients in organic quality. Best served chilled, enjoy!
  • DE RIT Gemüse-Chips “Chioggia” – VEGAN. ORGANIC. GLUTEN-FREE. SOY-FREE.
    Whether you are watching football, girls’ night or just a cozy evening on the couch: Chips always go! The vegetable chips from De Rit bring some variety with a crunchy mixture of Chioggia beets, purple sweet potato and parsnips. The vegetables come from organic farming, are gently cooked and lightly seasoned with sea salt. The perfect alternative to potato chips!
    Crunchy pistachios and fruity strawberries: The Fallersleber Backwaren Manufaktur has found the perfect combination for delicious cookies! The ingredients are all from organically grown and artisanal processes. The cookies are made fresh and without additives, which is why they are preserved from the production only four weeks. But let’s be honest: Delicious cookies are nowhere around four weeks! 😉
    The exotic fruity highlight on every grill-buffet! The chutneys from Naturata artisanally prepared gently and consist exclusively of organic ingredients from selected manufacturers. Through this care, the chutney tastes like fresh homemade and can be used in many ways. The combination of mint and lime also fits perfectly in the summer time as it is fresh and fruity at the same time.
  • PUTZMARIE Allzweckreiniger “Lavendel” – VEGAN. CRUELTY-FREE.
    Putzmarie specializes in cruelty-free, vegan housecleaning products and sets in the manufacture of products a lot of emphasis on sustainability. The pleasantly scented lavender purpose cleaner therefore contains no hazardous chemicals – such as conventional budget. The cleaner fights dirt reliably and can be safely disposed of in the waste water. The packaging is made of recycled plastic and thus makes it even more sustainable.
  • VEGAN FÜR MICH Magazin
    The Vegan Für Mich magazine provides a lot of information about vegan food and vegan life – for all who want to give the pure plant world without animal products a try. Filled with many news, profiles, interviews and recipes.

I wasn’t too happy with this box as it contained more than 1 snack. I use the snacks only when flying with Ryanair or any airline that charges extra for inflight snack. I was in a dilemma on whether to keep my subscription for next month’s vegan box or to move to another provider. However since next month most probably I receive my favourite German vegan magazine, Vegan World, a free magazine which contains lots of tasty looking recipes, I decided to keep the subscription for another month.

I am hoping to get at least sliced cheese or block of cheese alternative in future boxes, as that’s a critical ingredient for me to follow a vegan lifestyle.

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