#MeatFreeMonday | What happened at the June 2016 Veggie Meetup

Malta Veggie Meetup June 2016

About two weeks ago, I visited Malta for the first time after my move to Germany. My visit was fully packed and could not meet everyone. With the help of the Electro Lobster Project, I have managed to organise, on the first of June, a veggie meet up where all dishes were presented in a fine dining style and were all vegan. Sarath and his ELP team were also happy to accommodate other dietary requirements the attendees had like gluten free, garlic allergies, etc. Since the day seemed rainy, they also managed to moved any outdoor bookings to one of their indoor restaurants. 🙂

The menu consisted of all 3 starters, 2 mains and 3 desserts mentioned. It wasn’t the usual either or menu, but you get to taste all the mentioned dishes, which is good as I always find it hard to choose what to eat when all dishes sound good.

We were first served the celeriac tartar with parsnip truffle purée and bread chips. I didn’t remember that this was on the menu as the menu had lots of food mentioned and I have forgotten most of it.

Next we were served the pumpkin mash stuffed mushrooms with grilled sunflower seeds and horseradish sauce, the baked beetroot with roasted onions and pickles served with Indian cress flower reduction, and the hazelnut crumble. The dishes were all good, I didn’t leave anything on the plate, but this was my most favourite dish.

The next dish was the main. It consisted of soya miso grilled, baked and smoked aubergine, served with barley, ratatouille and rice chips, and penne broccoli walnut pesto topped with flash fried basil and lemon zest.

Last we were served the dessert which consisted of mint & lime watermelon gazpacho with coconut glazed baked sweet potato, lemon and thyme granite and almond oat chips.

As you can see all the dishes look tasty. They tasted also good. I am already thinking of an excuse to go and eat a vegan dish at the Electro Lobster Project. Sarath told me their a la carte dishes are not fine dining style but the usual full plate dish, which made me even more want to try their vegan a la carte. They thought of doing a fine dining style for the event so that they prove that vegan dishes can also be served as fine dining.

I was happy with the food and to see that the event had the same amount of response as the Veggie Meetup I have organised in February. I am already planning a meetup in September, but since I like to have each meet up different, I would need your help in voting or suggesting another vegan-friendly venue in the poll below. Also use the comments section or for any other suggestions for the next meetups. 😀



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