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Is Kardashian Beauty cruelty-free

Kardashian Beauty is back with a vengeance. The Kardashian family’s makeup line is launching the Kardashian Beauty Fierce Collection, a range that features a new look and a wide of array of brand new products. The Kardashian Beauty Fierce Collection lands Friday, July 8 via, which is the brand’s website, before cruising into ULTA locations in August. It’s an affordable series of products, including lipsticks, a contour kit, an eye and face palette, liquid foundation, and concealer. So all features are covered. However, some fans are curious about whether or not Kardashian Beauty products are cruelty-free.

UPDATE: Kardashian Beauty reps got back to Bustle via email with this statement: “We are dedicated to animal safety and rights, however, we do not have our cruelty free certification at this time. We do not test on animals ourselves and animal testing is a key criteria of consideration during our supplier selection process and protocol. However, our international suppliers have government regulations (i.e. China) that may require animal testing on ingredients or formulas that may be included in portions of our current products.”

UPDATE 2: Kardashian Beauty reps also emailed Bustle to confirm that the brand’s new Fierce Collection is cruelty-free, writing: “None of the suppliers use animal testing.”

On the customer service page of the K Beauty site, which is also were the products are sold, the question “Are your products tested on animals?” is clearly posted.

The company does not actively test on animals, nor does it ask others to do so on its behalf, which could include suppliers, etc. However, there is the note “except where required by law.”

Source: Is Kardashian Beauty Cruelty Free? Here’s What We Know About The Brand’s Policies | Bustle


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