6 Vegan Goodies I found in the Lucky Vegan Box January 2017

Lucky Vegan Box January 2017

Below is my unboxing video and it’s transcript for the Lucky Vegan Box January 2017. Sorry for the low-quality picture but finding good light for video filming is many times very difficult. I will try to improve it in the next one. Enjoy!

Lucky Vegan Box January 2017 Video Transcript

Happy New Year CrueltyFreeMalta! This is Fiona and today I will be unboxing the first Lucky Vegan box for 2017. Let’s start unboxing!

The first item that I find in the box is this magazine from Vebu. It has articles and recipes related to veganism. I use these magazines only for the recipes cause it’s all in German and recipes are easy to read and understand.

Next, I have the list of products that I have in the box. I have five food products and one non-food product. The total worth of the items in the box is 21.74€, while I paid 14.90€, which is always good.

Sonnentor Winterwonne Tee

The first item is from Sonnentor. It’s the Winterwonne tea. A green tea mixture tea. It contains 30g and it’s certified organic. I love tea, so this goes with my tea collection.

Vitam Kokos Linsen Hummus

Next product is Hummus. It’s from Vitam, it’s the Kokos Linsen Hummus. You can use it as a bread spread or a dip. It has 115g and it’s certified organic.

Apeiron Ayurvedische Kräuter Zahnpasta

The third product is a non-food product. It’s a toothpaste from Apeiron and it’s a herbal toothpaste. It consists of 75ml and if I saw well there’s no fluoride inside. I currently use the Weleda toothpaste which is also vegan and has no fluoride. Now I can give this brand a try, Apeiron.

Conscious Organic Raw Chocolate

Next product, we’re back to food products. I have the Conscious Organic Raw Chocolate, with essential oil of peppermint. It’s a vegan chocolate bar with peppermint. I love the mixture of chocolate and peppermint. It reminds me of After Eight, but since I don’t eat After Eight anymore because they are owned by Nestle, I always like to know what alternative I can take. It’s certified organic and it’s 50g.

Green Panda Bio Superfood Chia Drink Granatapfel-Acai

Next product is a chia drink. It’s from Green Panda and it’s Granatapfel Acai, which means Pomegranate and Acai. They are good to take with you if you’re travelling a long distance or even if you want to drink something vegan and flavoured. It’s certified organic and it’s 330ml.

Emils Organic Tomato Ketchup

The last product is vegan tomato ketchup. It’s the Emils Organic Tomato Ketchup. I can see that there are not a lot of ingredients listed, so it seems to be a good alternative for the commercial ketchup. It’s organic, gluten-free, vegan and it doesn’t have any extra ingredients. It has a lot of tomatoes and less sugar. It’s 250ml. I’ll try it out as looks interesting.

Free Sample

I have a sample from the same brand as the toothpaste. If I am understanding well it’s a lip lotion. It’s probably more effective than the usual lip balm. I will try it out. I have a lot of lip products and this goes with my lip products collection.

That seems to be all from the Lucky Vegan Box for this month. I hope you like this video and I hope you find these videos interesting. I’ll try to do it every to do it every time I receive a vegan box. If you’re not interested in these types of videos, let me know and I can move on to trying another type of video. If you love these kinds of videos, also let me know in the comments box below.

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Thank you and see you next time.

DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t paid to write this post.


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