Bottega Verde offers cruelty-free hair dye

Cruelty-Free Hair Dye Brands in Malta

Last week, I was asked again which cruelty-free hair dye brands offer over the counter permanent hair dye in Malta. As usual, I didn’t have an answer for this particular question. You could ask me for suggestion on any other cosmetics but cruelty-free hair dye I had no idea.

L’Oreal and it’s child company Garnier, Schwarzkopf and Wella were the only brands I could find for hair dye, in both Malta and Germany. However, these brands are known to support animal testing.

Yesterday, I visited the Bottega Verde store and as soon as I looked around my eyes stopped at their cruelty-free permanent hair dye section. I was very happy. Now I can give an answer to the people who have asked and also who will ask me in the future. I was tempted to buy a packet as for this month only it is sold at €9.99 instead of €14.99. However I told myself to wait until I use up the Superdrug one I bought when I was visiting London last year. This Bottega Verde hair dye is definitely the next hair dye that I will buy!

Bottega Verde is not only cruelty-free but also certified cruelty-free by the leaping bunny. They have proudly showed me a copy of their certification yesterday.

I also know that there are foreign websites offering brands such as Manic Panic. However, I needed a cruelty-free brand that offers natural colours of hair dye, and I have finally found it.

Thank you Bottega Verde for the session. If I wouldn’t have visited the shop and went through it in detail, I would have still be looking for a cruelty-free hair dye in Malta.

Which other cruelty-free hair dye brands have you found in Maltese shops? I love to have a variety but I would prefer certified cruelty-free brands. This is only because the first brand I have discovered is certified by the leaping bunny.

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