blinc Cruelty-free Eye Makeup

blinc Cruelty-Free Makeup

This morning at Roseberry, Valletta I met Nataliya where I got introduced to blinc, certified cruelty-free brand specialising in eye makeup.

Since they are a niche brand, blinc cruelty-free makeup range is small next to other brands. From what I’ve been told they don’t launch new products regularly. However, when they launch a new product, they don’t launch it because it’s due, they launch it because it’s ready.

blinc are proud to say that their products are smudge-proof, water-resistant, fade-proof and flake-proof. Their products are recommended and also sold by eye doctors in the US because they are gentle and don’t irritate sensitive eyes. blinc’s eye products are also ideal for wedding makeup and for people who wear contact lenses.

A general introduction doesn’t give enough information on how innovative, high-quality and professional blinc are. So let me introduce you in more detail to each of their product.

blinc Mascaras (vegan except for amplified mascara)

Starting from their popular products the mascaras, blinc have a slogan saying “Stop painting your lashes… Tube them”. I didn’t quite understand this slogan before it was explained to me. The usual mascara just paints the eye lashes. This usually damages the lashes and even if you removed the mascara, you still have mascara residue the next day, which is not really good for the eyes. The blinc cruelty-free mascaras, create a water-resistant tube around the lashes which doesn’t flake, smudge or clump. blinc recommends us to sleep once with the blinc mascara on to test whether their claim is true. To remove it, all you need to do is, soak a cotton pad with warm water and a gentle pressure. The tubes created by the mascara will slide away. This is one of the innovative products by blinc. There are two different blinc mascaras, the mascara and the amplified mascara. The mascara is vegan and it comes in 6 shades while the amplified mascara comes in 2 shades, black and brown.

blinc Lash Primers

Moving on to their next lash product, for buildup leading to  volume lashes, and also to protect and strengthen the lashes, you can use the blinc cruelty-free lash primers. They have two lash primers, the blinc black lash primer which some people also use on its own cause it gives enough volume, and a white lash primer. You can use the blinc white lash primer also on the eyebrows for protection and strengthening.

blinc Long Lash (vegan)

The last lash product is the vegan blinc long lash. As the name already hints, the product helps to grow lashes longer in 2 – 4 weeks. The applicator looks like a liquid eyeliner brush applicator as since you apply it similar to as you do with an eyeliner but as close to the lashes as possible.

blinc Liquid Eyeliners (vegan)

Since I mentioned eyeliner application, let’s move on to liquid eyeliners. The blinc cruelty-free brand is known for the first water-resistant peel off liquid eyeliner in the market, another innovative product by blinc. The blinc liquid eyeliner, doesn’t smudge, flake or fade even when crying or rubbing eyes. To remove this product you don’t need any makeup remover you just peel it off. This liquid eyeliner comes in 5 shades. Then there are 2 more liquid eyeliners from blinc. One is the liquid eyeliner pen which comes in a felt tip is also peels off. The other one is the ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen which comes in the thinnest brush in the world, 0.00876mm tip perfect for precision. Although the tester of this ultrathin liquid liner at the shop has been used a lot, it still did a perfect straight line. These two liners come in only black shade.

blinc Eyeliner Pencil (vegan except for purple)

I’ve tried the blinc eyeliner pencil on my hand, washed my hands twice and it was still there. While the other blinc products are water-resistant, this eyeliner pencil is waterproof. It is also smudge-proof and fade-proof. The blinc Eyeliner Pencil comes in 8 colours, 7 of which are vegan. Only the purple one is not vegan as it has carmine.

blinc Eyeshadow Primer (vegan)

The blinc eyeshadow primer comes in two shades; light tone and flesh tone. It conceals and fills fine lines, doesn’t crease, fade or smudge. The blinc eyeshadow primer is vegan and has anti-aging ingredients.

blinc Shadow Fusion Eyeshadow Palette

blinc ran a research with the help of makeup artists all over the world, to find out which eyeshadow shades are the most popular. From the results they have received, they created the Shadow Fusion palette. It consists of natural pigmented colours such as nudes, browns, grey and black, and comes with a two sided brush.

blinc Eyebrow Mousse (vegan)

The blinc eyebrow mousse is the only eyebrow specific makeup product available from blinc and it’s vegan. It comes in 8 shades plus a clear shade. Usually eyebrow products come in 2 or 3 shades such as blond, brown and maybe dark brown which most of the time are acceptable but not exactly matching your hair colour. With blinc eyebrow mousse you can get more close to your hair colour as you have 8 shades to choose from. This product, same as other blinc products is also water-resistant, smudge-proof and doesn’t fade.

blinc Brushes and Sharpener

blinc offer also synthetic hair professional eye brushes consisting of all the essential brushes for eye makeup. They also have a sharpener which you can use for their pencil eyeliner.

blinc Micro Trimmer

If you’re not keen on plucking, waxing, threading your eyebrows, blinc have the right product for you. The blinc micro trimmer is one of 2 battery operated gadgets from blinc.

blinc Heated Lash Curler

The second gadget from blinc is the heated lash curler. Since the usual metal lash curler is known to damage the lashes, blinc came up with a curler that curls your lashes with a slight heat. Another innovative product by blinc. It is said that this heated lash curler doesn’t damage the lashes.

Those are all the current eye makeup products from blinc. At the end of the session, I have received a small goodie bag with the amplified mascara and the peel off liquid eyeliner samples. A review post for these two items will be posted in the coming weeks.

Extra products that I would want to buy and try from blinc are the blinc long lash and the blinc heated lash curler.

That’s all I have to say about blinc today. I can’t wait to test the blinc amplified mascara by sleeping without removing it, just to confirm that they are right.

Thank you Nataliya and Paloma Cosmetics for the invitation. In my opinion, it was a very informative session and I think blinc came up with very unique concepts and products.


DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post.



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