Fashion Friday Introduction

Fashion Friday

Last month, I have asked on the facebook page status post whether you would be in Fashion posts.  Usually my facebook status posts don’t get any reaction but for this question I got some positive ones.  Therefore, I’ve decided that from May I change my blogging schedule from two days to three days a week.

Before May the schedule was Monday lifestyle (including food posts, etc) and Thursdays beauty. From this month I’ve kept Monday for lifestyle posts, moved the beauty posts to Wednesday and I’ve decided to dedicate Friday for Fashion, just because they both start with an “F”. Let’s call it Fashion Friday.

I did post some fashion posts on other days before. However, I thought it would be best to have an official day for fashion posts where you would expect it.

So my plan for Fashion Friday is to start with Pantone colours for 2017 then continue with a mix of trends,  brands, where to find animal-free clothes and accessories in Malta, and fashion designer interviews.

That’s what I have in mind right now. If you’ve expected something else please do let me know. I would love to know your thoughts so please use the comment section below with your ideas, opinions and questions.




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