Vegan Meat Substitutes Recipes

Mouthwatering Vegan - Miriam Sorrell

Wouldn’t be nice to do your own vegan meat substitutes? I always love to do my own food from scratch, also vegan meat substitutes. That’s why I try to do my own seitan meat. Sometimes vegan meat substitutes which taste very close to real meat makes me question a lot of things. How does it taste and feel like the real meat? Are all the ingredients in the list natural or safe? If one could do something that feels and tastes like the actual meat is the real meat real?

Last week I have noticed that Mouthwatering Vegan has started to share her recipes on Youtube.  She will be posting a recipe video every week. It’s great that she started recording her recipes as, being not a chef myself, it’s not the first time that I read a recipe’s method and I wonder what it means. So in this way, I can understand how it’s really done. Her first two recipes are do-it-yourself vegan meat substitutes. I think for a newbie in veganism these are very useful to learn.

Vegan Steak Flambé

Vegan Calamari & Squid

I love most of Mouthwatering Vegan’s recipes. However, I haven’t yet tried the vegan steak and calamari recipes. If you did please tell me how you’ve found them.


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