This Is Her! Zadig & Voltaire Review

This Is Her! Zadig & Voltaire

Since my switch to cruelty-free products, I don’t remember myself buying perfumes from perfumeries. One of the reasons being that I was always under the impression that they stocked perfumes from animal-testing brands. I came up with this conclusion after many hopeless attempts in researching about brands which I was interested in. However, around two months ago my mind was changed. The House of Beauty contacted and asked me whether I would want to try out their latest perfume by Zadig & Voltaire called This Is Her!

I was already thinking of rejecting the offer since I assumed that it’s not cruelty-free. However, I did the rational step of researching the brand before I give my final answer. To my relief, there was no reliable source that indicated that Zadig & Voltaire tests on animals. So I gladly accepted the offer to try Zadig & Voltaire’s This Is Her! perfume.

Zadig & Voltaire is a French ready-to-wear brand founded in 1997 by Thierry Gillier, the grand-nephew of one of the co-founders of Lacoste. The rock star destiny of the Zadig hero and his revolutionary philosopher Voltaire inspired Thierry Gillier to create a new French easy luxury brand. Just as the inspiration, Zadig & Voltaire targets anyone free-spirited with a rock attitude.

To keep with their rock philosophy, the design of their This Is Her! perfume bottle looks like a smooth building stone rock broken on the side.

“The bottle design is elegant and simple, inspired from contemporary art. We wanted to focus on a minimalist design, black and white, with this symbol of opposition and attraction between men and women.”

Cecilia Bönström – Artistic Director, Zadig & Voltaire

This Is Her! – My Review

Before I’ve started using this perfume, I was afraid that I wouldn’t like the scent. However, I do like the scent. Most probably because it contains my favourite perfume ingredients of vanilla and jasmine. I was also afraid that it would make me sneeze. After my experience with natural products, I was having this reaction with perfumes that are not natural. However, I haven’t experienced this reaction with this Zadig & Voltaire perfume. It could be that this perfume is more natural than the other perfumes which made me sneeze.

Would I buy it?

Thank you, House of Beauty for helping me discover this perfume. Right now, Zadig & Voltaire This Is Her! is my Autumn/Winter Eau de Parfum. After I use up this bottle, I would buy this perfume.

DISCLAIMER: This is a PR post, which means that the product mentioned was given to me for free.


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