Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque Review

Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque

Around two months ago, I had reviewed the Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturizer. This time I will be reviewing the second product I have received from NikkiB Organic Beauty, Eminence Organics’ Maltese distributor.

Why I like the Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque

I have started using this product since the beginning of this month, and I have never before found a product like the Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque.

  • It’s organic
    I love a product when it’s cruelty-free but when a product is not only natural but also organic, for me it is a big plus. The reason being that it makes me feel safe that fewer pesticides will be contaminating my skin.
  • Has no water
    Check your a mask’s ingredients list. What is the first ingredient listed? Is it Aqua (water)? Usually, a product has a lot of the first ingredient listed and a little of the last ingredient listed. So if your mask’s first ingredient is water. It could mean that your mask is diluted with water. Also, I have recently read that when a product has water as the first ingredient, it has a short shelf life after opening. The reason being that water encourages the growth of bacteria.
  • It comes with a spatula/applicator
    I’ve heard from many beauty therapists that I shouldn’t dip my fingers in skin care products for hygiene purposes. However, it’s the first time that I have found a jar packed mask which comes with a free spatula.
  • A very small amount is needed
    My boyfriend tends to fill up his palm with soap or other men products when applying them. That’s why many times I don’t share my natural products with him. For this mask, you need to apply a very small amount mixed with few drops of water on your face.
  • One jar lasts a season … or more
    Since I needed a very small amount for each application, I’ve nearly used one-third of the product. It is not a lot considering that I’ve just started using it this month.
  • Has a neutral and natural scent
    A natural product with a strong scent scares me. Even if it has a  sweet scent of for example strawberry, coconut or vanilla. I believe that unless the product is a perfume or something similar, it shouldn’t have a strong scent. You can tell that the Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque is natural from its light and natural scent. Also, when you check the ingredients list you see no Parfum (perfume), which is great.
  • Cooling effect
    When you have an acne prone skin like mine, a cooling effect is a relief.
  • Not visible when dried
    After it dries on your face, it becomes transparent. Many times my boyfriend didn’t realise that I have a mask on.

What I don’t like the Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque

  • It might not be vegan
    Eminence does have vegan-friendly products. However, I don’t think that the Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque is one of them. The reason I am saying this is that it contains yoghurt. I assume it’s the dairy yoghurt but I could be wrong and they might be referring to the plant or seed one.

Would I buy Eminence Organic products

I have received this product for PR together with two other Eminence Organic products. To tell you the truth I wasn’t planning on buying Eminence Organic products once I finish the products I have received. The reason is that when I googled the price range of Eminence Organic products, it was higher than my budget for skin care products. However, I was thinking to myself and I justified the price range.

The ingredients are not only natural but also organic, the products are more concentrated and not diluted in water. I needed a very small amount of the product for each application. I believe that by considering these factors, increasing my budget for Eminence does make sense.

Therefore yes, I am considering to buy Eminence Organic products in the future. However next time I want to try a vegan mask.

From where can you buy Eminence Organic products

Eminence Organic Skin Care products are exclusively found at NikkiB Organic Beauty. NikkiB Organic Beauty offers also Eminence Organic Skin Care beauty services. So if you’re not convinced on investing in organic skin care, then I would suggest you book a facial at this beauty salon. After you have evaluated the result from the facial, you can then decide whether it is worth investing in Eminence Organic products.

Before I finish, I would like to thank Nicole from Nikki B Organic Beauty for reaching out and sending me these products. Although I have already a favourite brand for skin care, trying new brands helped me find another one.

Have you heard or tried any of Eminence Organic products before reading my blog post? Would you buy from Eminence Organic Skin Care? What do you like about this brand?

Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque Demo Video Transcript

Hello cruelty-free friends!

This is Fiona and today I am going to be doing a demo of the Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque.

Eminence is a certified cruelty-free brand.

Their products are also natural, organic and water-free.

The Eminence Clear Skin Masque is meant to cool, revitalise, nourish, exfoliate and refine acne prone skin.

As I mentioned, their products are water-free.

Therefore, to apply the mask, you will need a few drops of water.

So let’s start!


The packaging says that I have to leave it on for 5 – 10 minutes.

Then I have to remove it with lukewarm water.

10 minutes have passed, and I’m feeling that the mask has dried.

I can also feel the cooling effect of the mask.

As you can see, you wouldn’t notice that I have a mask on.

Many times, my boyfriend hasn’t noticed that I have a face mask on.

Now I am going to remove the mask with a bamboo charcoal konjac sponge, soaked in lukewarm water.


That’s all for today!

I hope that you have liked this video.

If you have used this product, please let me know in the comments below.

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DISCLAIMER: This is a PR post, meaning that the products were sent to me for free. This post contains only my honest review of the mentioned product.


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