New Bottega Verde Vegan Makeup Range

New Vegan Bottega Verde Makeup

I have recently been contacted to be told the good news about the new Bottega Verde vegan makeup products. Bottega Verde has just launched a collection of 4 vegan makeup products. The range consists of a foundation, mascara, lipstick and eyeliner.

Silky mousse foundation – matte effect – with Hibiscus oil

A formula 100% natural * and vegan for lovers of make-up that respects the skin and at the same time takes care of beauty with a moisturizing protective action. A texture in mousse that spreads in a breath, light on the skin and covering at the right point to give a result of natural perfection. Contains ingredients of natural origin including Hibiscus oil, Lemon extract and Aloe, which help to give wellbeing, hydration and comfort, wrapping the complexion with a bright and lasting matte finish … for a skin that breathes, radiant, perfect … happy to rediscover its natural beauty!

Silky mousse foundation - matte effect - medium coverage - with Hibiscus oilThis medium coverage 100% natural and vegan foundation is available 4 shades: Natural, Almond, Cappuccino and Espresso

Bright matte Lipstick* – with Hibiscus oil – creamy and rich

Wonderful lipstick with a natural and vegan formula. Creamy and intense, it brightens up the lips with a sophisticated and impeccable effect. The ingredients of natural origin have been selected for their excellent emollient and protective activity. The smooth and ultra-pigmented texture stays on the lips for a long time, giving comfort, softness and an intense colour for full and defined lips that are coloured with seduction.

Bright matte Lipstick* - with Hibiscus oil - creamy and richThis pigmented natural and vegan lipstick is available in 3 shades: Delicate nude, Bud pink and Velvety pink.

Long-lasting Eye Pencil – with Jojoba oil and Shea butter

A natural and vegan formula with wonderful performances! It has a precise and easy to work stroke and an intense colour release, which satisfies every need. Ideal to achieve a perfect smokey effect, for a sharp stroke in the inner eye rim or simply to blend on the eyelids. Contains ingredients of natural origin including Jojoba oil, shea butter and mineral pigments with an extraordinary colour rendition for a naturally magnetic look!

Long-lasting Eye Pencil - with Jojoba oil and Shea butterThis natural and vegan eyeliner is available in in 4 shades: Pitch black, Dark chocolate, Deep green and Night blue.

Panoramic effect volume mascara – hypnotic black – with Hibiscus oil – delicate and protective

A product that respects nature and respects beauty: made with raw materials of natural origin, gives thickness and fullness to the eyelashes helping to keep the natural structure in good condition. The 100% natural and vegan formula contains mineral pigments that give the eyelashes a deep, ultra-seductive black colour. The texture allows a fast and high-performance application, resulting in perfectly defined eyelashes, apparently thicker, certainly intense and voluminous.

Panoramic effect volume mascara - hypnotic black - with Hibiscus oil - delicate and protective

I always am happy to see cruelty-free companies going a step further to create even vegan products. These new Bottega Verde makeup products not only they are cruelty-free and vegan but also 100% natural. Some natural products can have one or more ingredients that are synthetic. However, it is not the case with these new makeup products. That is why they are specifying the 100% natural.

Which of these products would you like to try first? I think I will give the eyeliner and foundation a go as those are 2 of the makeup products that I tend to use up quickly.

For more information on Bottega Verde’s products in Malta, follow their facebook page Bottega Verde (Malta).

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