Malta Fashion Week and Awards 2018

Malta Fashion Week and Awards 2018

The Malta Fashion Week and Awards 2018 are approaching. This year the Malta Fashion Week is happening between the 26th May and the 1st June. While the Malta Fashion Awards is happening on the 2nd June.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Malta Fashion Awards. For this reason and since it’s also Valletta 2018, the awards will be taking place at the Triton Fountain, Valletta. There will be also a presentation to symbolise each year of the 20 years of fashion awards.

I was always planning to apply for a media pass as a blogger to cover the shows. However, I was always under the impression that I have to be a fashion blogger to do so. However, also by popular demand from you my readers, I have recently added a fashion section on my blog.

I am still new to fashion so I have been keeping my fashion post for once every two Fridays. Another reason why I don’t post much is that I need to keep posts relevant to vegan fashion.

Since I will be in Malta during the Malta Fashion Week and Awards 2018, I have applied for a media pass. If I manage to be one of the lucky bloggers to get a media pass, I am planning to go backstage and cover the makeup trends used in the fashion shows. Luckily, the makeup sponsor of the events is Eva Garden, so I am sure that the makeup will be cruelty-free.

I also want to interview fashion designers that will participate in the Malta Fashion Week and Awards 2018, if there is time. I would like to know which pieces of their collection are suitable for us who don’t buy animal-derived fashion pieces.

If I don’t get a media pass, I am planning to get tickets to some or all of the shows. With regards to blog posts, I am planning to write something along the lines of my favourite looks and what I wore posts.

Right now I am really looking forward to my first time at the Malta Fashion Week and Awards. I can’t wait to find out whether I will be one of the bloggers to cover the event. Already feeling butterflies!

What I have mentioned earlier are my current post ideas after brainstorming. I don’t want to write about every detail that happened during the shows as I am sure that the newspapers will be covering that. Also, there might be a live broadcast which would also cover that. So I am brainstorming other perspectives on what to cover. However, fresh ideas will be appreciated so I am curious to know your opinion on what else I could post with regards to these shows.

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