5 Vegan-friendly Restaurants in Valletta

Vegan Restaurants in Valletta

In rare times I go to Valletta, I take longer to find a restaurant that caters for vegans than I do in St Julians. It is surprising as one might assume that in the capital city one would find more than in any other city. Would this mean that St Julians is soon to be Malta’s new capital city? So after a bit of a struggle I managed to find some vegan-friendly restaurants in Valletta.

Bistro 516

Bistro 516 does not specifically have vegan options on their menu. However, they are willing to provide you with a vegan option for anything that interests you from the menu. In my case, I had ordered a vegan version of their Paella.


The first time I went to Browns with friends I was going to order a vegetarian pizza with no cheese. Once I was there I saw that they offered vegan ravioli as a special. The second time, that I happened to be there I saw that they have now a separate menu for vegans.

Soul Food

I do not know how Soul Food is today. However, around 4 years ago, after everyone recommending it I tried Soul Food with my boyfriend. We both ordered their most expensive vegan burger as we were hungry. However, I was disappointed as their burger consisted of a patty and salad, no bun. Was I wrong to expect a bun with the burger? However that was around 4 years ago, maybe today they have improved.

Tuk Tuk

I visited the St Julians Tuk Tuk which offers more South Indian street food rather than curries. However, their Valletta restaurant focuses more on curries than South Indian street food. It is good that they offer both as for example I love to try something new when possible.

Wasabi Sushi Express

Unlike on their Wolt menu, Wasabi Sushi Express labels their vegan products on their menu.


Do you know of other vegan-friendly restaurants in Valletta? In these lists, I am listing eateries that offer specifically food for vegans and not random outlets that have options that look vegan.

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