5 Items That Are In My Winter Fashion Wishlist 2018

Winter Fashion Wishlist 2018

Last week I have shared with you my 5 wardrobe essentials for winter based on what I was packing for my winter in Malta. This week I thought of listing 5 items that are in my winter fashion wishlist 2018. It helps me remember all the clothes I need to buy next time I go shopping… most probably during sales as my budget is currently low.


I have been noticing that suits, blazers and non-denim trousers are becoming a trend. My idea is to buy a suit and whenever I need just a blazer or the trousers I use them separately. I haven’t yet decided on a style or colour but style wise maybe something like the one below.
Green Longline Blazer from Asos


I already have a cosy jacket. However, for special occasions, I would like to find a coat which also keeps me cosy, especially when wearing a dress. Some coat styles which I have in mind are:
Green Funnel Neck Coat from Orsay
Beige Coat from Orsay
Blue Funnel Neck Coat from Orsay

Non-denim Trousers

As mentioned in the blazer section my plan is to buy a suit and use the trousers separate whenever needed. However, I might buy trousers only as I think trousers are used more often than suits and blazers. Or at least till now I have used them more often.
Green Trousers from Asos

Polo neck jumpers

Polo neck jumpers can be worn alone or underneath shirts and dresses. Till now I have managed to buy two of these jumpers. I am on the lookout for at least 3 more.

Shirt dresses

Long sleeved dresses are not easy to find so I thought I solve this issue by looking for shirt dresses. If the weather gets colder then I can include a polo neck jumper underneath.
victoria beckham at gare du nord station

What is in your winter fashion wishlist 2018?

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