My Daily Vegan Skincare Routine for Autumn 2018

Daily Vegan Skincare Routine for Autumn 2018

My challenge for this year was not only to eat vegan but also to buy vegan beauty products. This does not mean that all the beauty products that I am currently using are vegan. I still use beauty products which were bought or given to me in previous years which happened to be just cruelty-free. However, I can confirm that I am following a daily vegan skincare routine for autumn 2018.

Cleansing – The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Facial Soap

Since I discovered the Soap Cafe, I have been pro soap bars. I see them as an environmentally friendly alternative to liquid soap. Also, they are easy to carry when travelling without exceeding the 100ml liquid bottle limit. I can’t understand why people keep preferring liquid soap when soap bars make more sense, to me. I had run out of my last Soap Cafe soap bar and since I happened to be at a The Body Shop blogger event, I thought of trying one of their soap bars. These last few months charcoal in beauty products has been promoted a lot. So I thought I give The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Facial Soap a go.

Toning – DayTox Facial Tonic

I do not usually use toners a lot. However, I have decided to start using it to remove the makeup residue that both the makeup remover and the soap did not manage to cleanse off. I have nothing against this toner. What I found strange is just that it comes in a plastic bottle while my other DayTox products are in glass containers.

Eye care – Handmade Naturals Rose and Shea Eye Cream

I have stuck it in my head that since my work involves a lot of computer work, I need to invest in an eye cream. Since I love their face cream, I thought I try also the eye cream from Handmade Naturals.

Moisturising – Rossi Uvema Salicylic & Tea Tree Face Moisturiser

If you like Handmade Naturals’ face cream, you will like Rossi Uvema. Since my face is oily in Summer but usually gets drier in Winter, I have bought the combination skin version of Rossi Uvema’s face creams. However, I am not sure if my face will be getting dry since I will be spending Winter in Malta and not Germany. We will find out.

Serum – DayTox Hydrating H Serum

If I am not planning to go out, I switch my moisturiser with a serum. Sometimes I also apply it under my moisturiser. However, for indoors only. I have this fear that since a serum is usually oils, exposing my serum covered face in the sun might lead to pigmentation. So I leave serum for night time or when I am sure that I won’t be stepping out.

That is what my daily vegan skincare routine for Autumn 2018 consists of. I do not expect you to use vegan products, so what I would ask you is which products does your daily cruelty-free skincare routine this season consist of?

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