An Introduction to Japanese Green Tea

Green Tea

What is so good about green tea?

Green tea is rich in polyphenols, one of which is catechin. It has much higher antioxidant activity than vegetables such as garlic, kale, broccoli and spinach. Recent studies show that Japanese people who drink green tea regularly do live longer. The reason is that it reduces the risk of diabetes, heart diseases and cancers. Japanese green teas are starting to become popular for its health benefits in the world and many people are switching to drink green tea as a coffee alternative. Having said that the level of antioxidants in green teas varies by 240% depending on the products.

Is your green tea green or brown?

If your green tea is brown, it means that it is already oxidised and it had lost its nutrients. Like any other foods, Green teas is not equal everywhere. Origin mainly determines the qualities of green teas. This includes, the environment where they grow, time of harvest, the harvesting method and the processing method.

J-OKINI is importing Japanese organic green tea directly from Japan

Probably you have heard about Matcha by now but maybe you didn’t know that Matcha is a kind of Japanese green tea. There are a variety of green teas in Japan and at J-okini we have 4 kinds of organic green teas including Matcha to give you great health benefits. Our green teas are processed by steaming and drying right after the harvest to avoid oxidation so that the nutrients are reserved. The freshness in green teas is important so we package our teas in Japan so that further oxidation does not occur. Our packaging is simple but has a zip lock to keep it fresh after opening.

About J-okini

J-okini is a distributor of Japanese organic green tea in Malta. I once took part in a giveaway organised by J-okini. Sumie, the founder of J-okini, informed me that I was one of the giveaway winners. She also mentioned that she is happy that I won as she loves my blog and that she is following my social media pages. Few weeks after I had a giveaway. Coincidentally, yes it was coincidentally as I use a random generator to pick out winner name, Sumie was the winner of that giveaway. We met so that I give her the prize and ended up talking long about social media, green teas, etc. Being new to green tea, I asked Sumie if she would like to write posts where she can give information about the different types of green tea and their benefits. The reason is that there are a lot of types. If I had to write a post, I would definitely mix up one type with the other. She agreed and here is part 1 of her post.

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