14 Brands to avoid at The Make-Up Festival 2019 when living cruelty-free

The Make-Up Festival 2019

Last year I have shared with you a list of cruelty-free brands which will be at The Make-Up Festival 2018. Since I later discovered that there were more than I listed, I thought that this year I take another approach. This time, for The Make-Up Festival 2019, I have decided to list the brands that support animal testing. These are the brands that are selling in China basically.

These are the animal testing supporting brands that I know that will be attending The Make-Up Festival 2019. It could be that there will be last-minute new joiners which I won’t be aware of. As always, to be sure that you are supporting cruelty-free brands, make sure to check my cruelty-free list.

One of these brands was listed as cruelty-free last year, can you guess which one?

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