Is Maybelline cruelty-free in 2021?

Is Maybelline cruelty-free?

In case you did not know this Maybelline is owned by L’Oréal. As explained in a previous post, L’Oréal is not cruelty-free. More often than not, if the parent brand is not cruelty-free, the child brands are not cruelty-free. There are rare cases where a child company brand to be cruelty-free. Don’t ask me how as I don’t know. However, Maybelline is not one of these cruelty-free child brands. Let’s try to understand why Maybelline is not considered to be cruelty-free.

Does Maybelline test on animals?

  • “Thank you for your interest in Maybelline, a brand of L’Oréal USA, Inc. L’Oréal no longer tests any of its products or any of its ingredients on animals, anywhere in the world nor does L’Oréal delegate this task to others. An exception could only be made if regulatory authorities demanded it for safety or regulatory purposes.”
    This is all I could find on Maybelline’s animal testing policy. They are just pasting L’Oréal animal testing policy. The last sentence gives us the answer to this question. It is saying that when required by law, they agree to have their products tested on animals. So there is the chance that Maybelline does test on animals.

Is Maybelline owned by a parent that is not cruelty-free?

Maybelline is owned by L’Oréal. PETA lists L’Oréal as an animal testing company.

Is Maybelline certified cruelty-free?

Maybelline is not certified cruelty-freePETA lists Maybelline as an animal testing company.

Is Maybelline cruelty-free?

The answer to this question is mainly answered in the previous question. So no Maybelline is not cruelty-free, as it seems that they allow to have their products to be tested on animals to be able to sell in Mainland China.

Which brands could I support instead?

If you already own products from Maybelline, throwing them away because you discovered that they are not cruelty-free, would not make a difference. It would create more waste, and the brand is not really effected as it already made money from your products. What you could do is, use up what you have and start looking for a cruelty-free alternative. You probably would not believe what I am going to say cause companies like Maybelline brainwashed us a lot.

However, there are surely lots of similar quality brands if not better than Maybelline in the market that are cruelty-free. Just go through my cruelty-free list and try each brand one by one until you find your next favourite alternative.

Source: Maybelline Animal Testing Policy as at 22/10/2019




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